FOO hidden speed gain?

Hello guys,
I have a question regarding SLKR team with FOO in his lineup. Today I fought this team with my SEE team and FOO went before my Thrawn. I asked my shard mates and SWGOH EVENTS discord server and no one knows why.

FOO has 257 speed. He gets 30 from SLKR and on top of that 20% TM. That's 287*1.2=344 unless THEY forgot something (i don't have SLKR)

My Thrawn has 332 speed and getting 20 from being DS ally gets him to 352.

This is how battle happened:
1. My Han shoots first at general Sux
2. My SEE links KRU and SLKR and my Malak gains taunt
3. SLKR attacks my Malak getting him under 60%, my Armorer gets 3 stacks of BA
4. FOO shoots at my Thrawn feeding SLKR, SLKR destroys my team with AoE

By all calculations my Thrawn should have went first swapping TM with Armorer, Armorer passing BA to my SEE, game over for Kylo...

Can anyone clear for me what's the speed threshold for FOO so i can outrun him in future battles?

Thank you


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