Deadly catalyst or massively overpowered?

I’ve haven’t had either before, and was wondering if one would be more valuable than the other. What’s everyone’s thoughts? (Realizing everybody’s roster is different)


  • dgree
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    edited September 11
    Both are good, but they go along with different sets of disks. Deadly catalyst is a nerfed disk that doesn't provide as much TM with other disks as it used to, so it's more offensive--massively overpowered with other disks can be used to increase survivability over damage (assuming you take turns!).
  • Never saw deadly catalyst. Massively OP plus JML will get me the red crate, so I say that one.
  • I would say massively overpowered as it allowed me to use my JKR team to beat JMK
  • Perfect. I have to choose one right b4 the final battle. Since I have JML, massively overpowered it is. Thx! I would like to try the other one sometime.
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