New maul team

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I chose the easy route for this gc. I am stuck on the boss battle for sector 4.
New maul with bo katan, armourer, gar Saxon and Savage oppress.

How did anyone get past this squad? Even with my slkr team I am defeated with them being at full protection and health.

Any help is appreciated, stuck for 2 days.

User number 35138 on if that's how you can see my roster.

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  • I used JML. Somehow, my SLKR also got destroyed. I don't know if you have him, though.
    Some people suggested me to use Traya with sith, too, but I haven't tried because mine is only g12.
  • Granolo
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    I had 0 problems with my non-Ult SLKR, also with GAS+501st i could do it without much trouble. I think it might be a disc issue? What discs are you using and what others have you available to use?

    If it helps, these are the discs I'm using:

    - Weak Point (Green) --> A must
    - Critical Debuffs (G) --> The other important along with WP
    - Defensive Formations III (B)
    - Caustic Emissions (G)
    - Entrenched (B)
    - Leader's Resolve (G)
    - Debuff dismantler (Kinda useless in my set up)
  • SEE ripped him apart.
  • TheChild_eats_eggs1
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    I think GAS/Shaak 501st should work. Stall, sacrifice, Rexhillate them 1 by 1 (Armourer, Bo-Katan, Gar Saxon, Savage, Maul). I don’t have GAS, so used Shaak.
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  • GAS team made it easy, I expected to lose.
  • I used DR. Weak point disk let HK wipe 4 of them with aoe. 3 are gear 12, other two are less. Normal mode.
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