The Sarlacc Pit Rejects (200+ mil GP) Still have 1 open spot!!

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Hello everyone!

Guild stats
200+m GP

***Required 3 Mil GP to Join***

All 3 heroic raids w/24 join - Pit (simmed), Tank (simmed), Sith FFA, and Pit (Challenge).
Raids are all set to start at different times to enable all time zones to get a chance to play.

LS Hoth - 44
DS Hoth - 44
DS Geo - 22 (31 Wat Shards)
LS Geo - 8 (Working towards improving/roster requirements for event + 2 KAM shards)
TW 84% win rate since May 2020. Our Strategy is effective

Looking for active players that love to chat - we use discord, sign up and participate in TWs and do their best in TBs regardless of team rosters. We are mostly based in US/Canada.

We are a great group, very friendly and support each other throughout events. Zeta on Ezra is not required, although there is currently a divide in opinions on the matter. Almost forgot to mention we also have a sense of humor.
*Discord is mandatory*

If interested send me a message on here, or to @Mattsu#8202, @Curl2222#7378, or @Utini#6105 on discord.

Looking forward to meeting you, and may the force be with you always.
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