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Often the game has login issues. When write about it, the post gets moved to bugs and issues forum where I get no help. The issue is not for tech support. This should be in general discussion in order to convince the dev to fix the game. Often I cannot login, like now. Says connection issues. I have tried clearing cache, and reinstalling. No luck. Speed test and my ability to stream HD movies proves that my device is OK. Sometimes we r given some rewards when an issue like this is resolved. But the resolution is only temporary and the reward never even comes close to compensation for the loss. I may lose out on 500+ crystals if I miss my squad and fleet payouts. Plus conquest progress and tb deployment. I doubt there will be compensation for that. Please, fix the game
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    I haven't had any issues.
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    Posting here does not get the information needed to the people who need it. The way to get the game fixed is to report bugs and issues to Answers HQ.
    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

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