Looking for help getting over the line in CPIT

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Hi all
Our guild is currently 275 million and only getting to the back end of P3 approaching P4 of CPIT raid and looking potentially for some mercenaries to come and give us a hand get over the line and win some R8 pieces and they would most certainly get the top 10 rewards anyone interest please give me a shout.
Discord = bobba#9242


  • Any top scoring members in Cpit looking to get top 10 rewards give me a shout if you help us get over the line you will get top 10 rewards easily here
  • We have one helpful mercenary ready to help so looking for another 4 anyone interested?
  • Looking for willing players to help out in Cpit raid.
    Looking for a permanent move
    Or looking for just coming over for raids to help us out and gain some top 10 rewards for yourself.
    Get in touch
  • We have a Cpit ready to launch and one mercenary ready to come and help anyone else interested get some top 10 Rewards and R8 pieces?
    We need help ideally looking for 4 more Harding hitting members contact me for more info
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