New player questions (GW, Fleet arena, Route)

Hi, i've been playing for two weeks and i have few questions
1. Why many people don't promote non used characters, i think they want keep their Galactic power low, but why, how does higher Galactic power affects game?
2. Im lvl 48, and i find galactic war kinda hard, like first 5 fights i can end up with auto battle on without loosing hp, but next one is soo hard like i dont even deal dmg to enemy, is it normal?
3. I have no idea about what i should do after phoenix, i only heard that its good to prepare for fleet arena, and i would like to be able to produce more resources via this
4. About fleet arena, i know there some kind of sharding system where every shard equals 2000 players, and if you are around 1900-2000 player to join this shard, it seems kinda hard to climb, is there any way to manipulate system that you gonna start with fresh shard?

here's my profilr:


  • 1. Early on, it's a bit of a waste of scarce resources, but later it doesn't matter. Galactic power(GP) has 2 main uses. Matchmaking and deploying on Territory battles(TB). Matchmaking in the individual events like Grand Arena Championship (GAC) only uses the GP of the top of your roster where you will likely use them from. If you have to set 5 teams in defence then you need at least 5 teams to attack with as well, so 10 teams times 5 characters (toons) is your top 50 toons GP is used to match you with someone. Any extra GP you have outside of that doesn't matter. Boosting GP will help your guild do better in a TB.

    2. Gal war is intended to be tough. It is filled based on your top 5 toons GP. Building a few teams to the same level will help you complete it easily. If you just keep building the one team stronger and stronger, the enemies get stronger and stronger to match you. Use your best team in the first easy node, ending the fight with all your abilities ready to use. Then use your second best team until you get stuck. Your best team is now ready to come in and they start with extra turn meter from their last battle.

    3. There are lots of guides around for paths to follow. I'd decide what GL I want long term and find a path that helps with that. Geos are a very strong early fleet and once you can get the Geo Brood Alpha, a strong mid game team. Tarkin's ship leads geos well, and unlocks zeta materials too.

    4. I can't help with the shard thing. I think I've read posts where people seem to be able to tell when a new shard is about to open. Probably a discord bot or something. If you prep to have a geo fleet straight off at starting in your shard you probably won't have a problem.
  • What @Winterwolves said is pretty spot on, I'd just add the following:

    1. Save your resources and don't promote / level / gear characters you are not using. Once you hit level 85 and can enter Grand Arena (GAC) you'll need 6 squads (3 defense & 3 offense), but they don't all have to be level 85, so don't panic and just promote / level them because of this. Better to focus on your main squads & fleet...and as you get higher then you can start bringing up these other teams.
    2. You are level 48 so just before you have access to mods @ 50. So the teams you are facing in GW now are tough because they will have mods. It will be hard for a while, but once you get to around level 55 it becomes easier again probably until around level 70. Don't worry just plug through it, Phoenix is a good team to use because of their regen abilities, but some teams you just won't be able to beat with them because their damage is low. Also, you can "Retreat" from the battle if it's not going as planned and try again, without losing your team. THis is also helpful if you want to try different opening moves, as the AI will play the battle the same way, so you can try different strategies.
    3. Prep for fleets, which means Geo pilots & ships. Start saving your GW tokens now so when ships show up in that store at level 60 you have a lot of currency saved to start buying Geo ships. I used Phoenix pretty much all the way until level 77, then finally switched to a Geo squad with Nute as lead (used Boba a bit until I had Poggle). Once you get to level 83 and can get GBA he will become the leader of your full Geo squad
    4. Fleet shards are 1000 players, so they open up quite often (every few days). Very hard to wait and judge when a new one will be open unlike Squad Arena where it's like 20,000 players per shard. There are some discord servers you can check out, but tracking of new fleet arena shards are not as easy

    Seems like you found my guide thread, so you can read through that and see how I went up each step of the way on that account, and I'm happy to answer any questions.
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