Scheduled Update: 09/15/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update addresses several issues with Conquest 7 as we prepare for Conquest 8. These changes will be in effect for the next Conquest. Speaking of which, Conquest 8 begins next week on Monday, September 20th!

  • EVENT - Conquest thermal detonators from "Thermal Exhaust" are now properly unresistible and description has been updated to state they are unresistible.
  • EVENT - Conquest Sector 1 Boss fight now properly counts the number of stuns needed for completion.
  • EVENT - Defeating enemy summoned units now counts towards the "Grand Victory" feat in Conquest.
  • EVENT - Enemies defeated by post-transformation Sith Eternal Emperor and Jedi Master Luke now properly count towards the "Grand Victory" feat in Conquest.
  • EVENT - Updated description of the Conquest “Opportunistic Support” Data Disk to match functionality.
  • EVENT - Deathmark from Darth Revan's leader ability "Lord of the Sith" now counts towards the Sector 5 Feat "Marked for Death".
  • EVENT - Stun from Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's "Stasis Strike" now counts toward the Sector 3 Feat "Stunning Tactics”
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused Geonosian Spy to gain turn-meter from the data disc "Critical Debuffs".
  • EVENT - The consumable "Initial Frenzy Tech" now correctly counts towards the Sector 3 Feat, "Relentless Frenzy".
  • EVENT - The description of the Conquest feat, “Wreak Havoc” now matches its functionality. Now reads "Attempt to inflict 250 debuffs" instead of “"Inflict at least 250 debuffs"

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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