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    Understood. I had another question in that case. If I'm sticking with the Geos in squad arena, should my first Zeta go to GBA?

    I've noticed a lot of folks tend to recommend characters like Vader or Palp for the first Zeta. And there are others like Jolee, Revan and Bastila who could benefit from one too.

    Yes zeta GBA Queen's Will...it is what makes that team work. The next one you can put on Vader MM if you'd like if you build him, or if going Jedi then can look at those others.
  • Thank you. I'll do that once I hit level 82. Haven't yet decided if I want to go down the Jedi/Sith route next. I've seen that Vader can single handedly destroy teams with the MM zeta, but I'll probably take a call on which team to build once I hit level 80. I am thinking about focusing on teams that I may end up using for GAC, and I think now is a good time to start developing them.

    I also wanted to share something with the three of you, @Intimmydation @MasterSeedy @Schwartzring


    It's been three weeks since I hit level 60, and I remember your advice on this duration being critical as I'll eventually build up a team that will perform well in the arena. It has happened and I can't thank all of you enough.
  • @Spacer congrats on the #6 placement, it will only get better from here. Keep the focus on fleet and don't worry too much about Squad Arena, it will come in time.

    Yeah Vader is still powerful early on, I took mine to relic 5 last week and have been able to climb using an odd mix of a team until my troopers are up to speed.

    I would keep focus on Geos to g12 first before worrying about Vader, but then he is always a good "bridge" project since he can still do so much on his own.
  • @Intimmydation

    Thank you. I hit #5 today and haven't lost my position yet. I'll continue to strengthen my fleet as you've recommended. I will unlock Hyena Bomber's node soon, and will start farming it immediately.

    I did have a few questions about Grand Arena, if I could use your assistance here. I'm 2 months (approx) away from unlocking the mode, and wanted to start building my factions to get an early leg up against other opponents at my GP.

    1. Geos - GBA, Poggle, Sun Fac, Soldier, Spy
    2. GR - Padme, JKA, Ahsoka, Kenobi, R2D2
    3. Phoenix - Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, Chopper
    4. Empire Fleet - Executrix, TiE Bomber, ITF, TiE Advanced, TiE Silencer, Xanadu Blood, Emperor's Shuttle

    1. Jedi - JKR, Bastila, Jolee, GMY, Old Ben
    2. Empire - Palp, Vader, Thrawn, TFP, Tarkin
    3. BH - Jango, Boba, Dengar, Cad Bane, Bossk/IG88
    4. Separatist Fleet - Mal/Home One, Hyena Bomber, Sun Fac's SF, Spy SF, Soldier SF, VD, Hound's Tooth/IG2000

    I already have a few of the above farmed, and feel that the rest are pretty aligned too. Geos have helped me unlock Padme, Phoenix can get me Palp+Thrawn which leads to R2D2. The GR, Phoenix and Old Republic Jedi can also help me get GMY. In terms of the fleet, while some of the above may not be ideal, I am using the characters in another faction (Cad, Bossk, IG88) and hence saves the headache of having ships w/ characters I'm not using elsewhere (Gauntlet SF).

    Can you tell me if the above seems like a good plan, or is too ambitious for me?
  • Basis the above, I may put some of the Darth Revan farms (Juhani, Badstila from gold, Carth from ship) on a lower priority, and use the energy for others (IG-2000, Xanadu Blood, Emperor's Shuttle from Gold, Zaalbar from ship instead of gold).

    I'm also a little biased in that I always end up choosing the JKR route in KoTOR, hence am ok not farming the characters needed for DR until later.
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    Basis the above, I may put some of the Darth Revan farms (Juhani, Badstila from gold, Carth from ship) on a lower priority, and use the energy for others (IG-2000, Xanadu Blood, Emperor's Shuttle from Gold, Zaalbar from ship instead of gold).

    I'm also a little biased in that I always end up choosing the JKR route in KoTOR, hence am ok not farming the characters needed for DR until later.

    I wouldn't recommend delaying your JKR/DR farms to farm those ships instead for those fleets. The ships are "just" reinforcements and there are alternatives. You'll want the BH ships eventually to unlock Han's Falcon and later for your Executor fleet but for now you'll benefit more from unlocking JKR/DR.
  • @Spacer check my farming guide thread. You will see the teams i out together as I got to 85 and started GAC.

    But you are on the right path. Just realize you won’t have the resources to take them all to level 85 at the start or forms while. And target gear 8 for most characters while you focus into eg main teams.

    Same for fleet, keep the focus on your main fleeting and starting ships. You can either play for the full clear and keep you main fleet for offense, or if you know they can’t beat it then set it on defense. I touched on this topic in my thread as well. It will be a long while until you can focus on a second fleet for GAC. I am only just now bringing my second fleet to level 85.
  • @Intimmydation

    Thank you for the quick response. I went through your guide, but there are some areas where I will find it hard to invest now considering I didn't start on them as early as you - for example, the troopers. However, I can follow some of the other elements, i.e focusing on Geos, Phoenix, etc.

    I thought it might be a good idea to give you some context on where I'm currently at, and hence, my plans for the next few levels or so. I'm currently at level 75 and should hit 76 by Monday. I'm hitting top 100 in squad arena every day, while also getting the top 10 in fleet, and expect that I may also break into the top 5 on some days. My fleet shard is filled with whales who are investing quite heavily in their fleets, so I'm not certain how often I'll be able to get top 5, but I'm not too worried. All in all, I'm gaining approximately 390 crystals per day, and plan to spend 2100 per week on various refreshes, leaving me with a surplus of 630/week to bank for future galactic chases or double drop days. I'm also saving that amount since I know that getting GBA to 7* will be my first priority once I hit level 83, and I will be investing in 3x cantina refreshes daily for the same.

    In terms of my fleet, my Geo Spy SF is at 7*, while I'm 52 blueprints away for the same for Soldier's SF. Sun Fac is at 5*, but I'm farming his fleet battle node to collect blueprints every day. TiE Silencer is also at 5*, but I'm not investing any further into his ship right now. VD (27/65) and ITF (35/65) are both at 4*, and I'm farming ITF from the fleet battles while also buying it from the fleet store when it appears. I currently have 7k GW tokens, and plan on spending on other characters once I get 4 more blueprints for Soldier's SF. I have also completed 50 GW campaigns, so I can sim it once I hit level 85. I have currently unlocked Palpatine, GMY, Thrawn, R2D2 and Padme from the journey guides, and will have Palp and Thrawn at 7* by the time I hit level 80, while R2 might depend on when I get Vader up to 7* (I'm currently 9 shards away from 6* for him). I have 48 shards for General Kenobi, which is turning out to be the hardest of the farms. I expect to have somewhere close to 120-130 shards for him by the time I hit level 85, so definitely not close to where he needs to be.

    With the above in mind + what I read on your farming guide, here is my plan for the next 10 levels.

    Main Project

    1. Rush characters needed for JKR (Bastila, Jolee, Zaalbar, Mission, T3). JKR and his Jedi will eventually be my main team for squad arena, and potentially my main offence for GAC w/ Empire.

    2. Gear up Geos to G10/11 and focus on getting them as close to 12 as possible. They will be my main arena team until I get JKR + my main defence for GAC.

    3. Gear up Phoenix to G8, with Ezra at G9. I already have Kanan and Hera at those gear levels and am one carbanti away from getting Zeb there too.

    4. Farm Hyena Bomber, Vulture Droid and Sun Fac's SF to 7*. I'm currently refreshing VD's node to ensure I have six 5* ships for the Zeta challenge. Will stop once I hit 5* on it.

    Side Projects

    1. Empire - Use Phoenix to get Palp + Thrawn to 7* before level 80. Focus on getting Vader to 7* before level 85. Vader may end up getting my second zeta, but I'll have to check that basis my progress in the fleet challenges. Get TFP to 7* to complete the set since I already have Tark at that level.

    2. Galactic Republic - Use the Geos to get Padme to 7*. I unlocked her with Nute, but will stop gearing him from now on. Use Empire to get R2 to 7*. I already have Ahsoka at 7*, and will focus on getting JKA there before level 85 as well. GK may be a roadblock for that team, so I doubt they'll be ready for GAC, but I can use Ahsoka and JKA with the Old Republic and Phoenix Jedi to get GMY to 7*, who will go into my JKR team. Either of the above can also complete the JKR Jedi set.

    3. Bounty Hunters/Scoundrels - Get Boba to 7* (he's currently at 6*). Farm Jango to 7* (he is currently at 4*), while spending on the stores to get Dengar (Guild), Cad Bane (GW), and IG-88 (Squad Arena) to 7*. This can be an auxiliary offence team along with Empire for GAC in case I decide to put JKR on defence until my GR team is active.

    4. Auxiliary - Farm blueprints for ITB and ITF. Will also continue to buy ITF and TiE Advanced blueprints from the fleet arena store. Farm HT along with Jango. On Tuesdays, I will also farm IG-2000, Xanadu Blood, Piett and Veers, since the latter two are needed for SEE, and the first three for Executor, but this will only be that one time in the week until my JKR farm is complete.

    With the above in mind, I expect to have the following ready by the time I hit level 85.


    1. Old Republic + Jedi - Bastila, Jolee, Zaalbar, Mission and T3 at 7*. Ahsoka, GMY and JKA at 7*. I doubt I'll be able to zeta any of their abilities by then, but I think they'll still be strong enough to tackle most teams at my GP.

    2. Geos - All at G11, potentially at G12.

    3. Phoenix - All at G8 with Ezra at G9.

    4. Empire - Palp, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin and TFP at 7*, with one or two zetas going to Vader and/or Palp. Will also try to get Vader to G11 by then.

    5. Bounty Hunters - Jango, Boba, Dengar, Cad Bane and IG-88 at 7*, potentially at G8/9.


    1. Separatist - Geo ships, VD, Hyena Bomber as close to 7* and level 85 as possible.

    2. Empire - ITF at 7* and at level 85. TiE Advanced potentially at level 85. ITB unlocked, but not at level 85 until my main sep fleet reaches that point.

    3. Others - TiE Silencer may be at level 80+ unless I unlock TiE Advanced before level 80, in which case I will not invest any further into it for now (it's at level 70). IG-2000, Xanadu Blood, HT close to 4/5*, but not levelled up.

    Tarkin will be my fleet commander until I can unlock and level up Malevolence.

    Does the above look alright?


    Thank you for the advice. I don't plan on slowing down my farms for the characters needed for JKR. I will be farming characters like Bastila, Jolee and Zaalbar from their gold and ship energy nodes to ensure I have them ready to unlock JKR as soon as possible. Same with Mission and T3 using Cantina energy.

    However, I don't think I'd want to unlock DR. I understand that doing so may be a fallacy, since he is one of the top 3 teams outside of GLs and an absolute monster in PVP, but I have a very naive reason for doing so.

    I am a huge fan of KoTOR and have played the game countless times. In all those times, I have never chosen the path with DR and Fallen Bastila. @MasterSeedy mentioned earlier that one shouldn't pick characters they don't necessarily like and this is one instance where I intend to do so, even if it impacts how competitive I can be in the long run. The only downside for me is not having HK and Canderous along for the ride, but I'll survive. I may still unlock them w/ Carth and Juhani eventually, but I'm not getting Fallen Bastila, so DR is out of the picture for me.

    Apologies for the long-winded post. Thank you for your help!
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    Would you recommend going for Mal or Negotiator first?

    Because of my experience with having the Geos in both squad and fleet, I think it may be better to have both teams aligned, so I can prioritise gear + relics. GK also seems like an easier farm compared to Grievous, which is influencing my opinion on this.
    With regards to Mal vs Nego, you don't have to decide yet..just hoard. You have some shards already from Mal from the event, so yes there is a headstart there. In general, the Malev fleet is the cheaper one to build and can function better at lower stars than Nego. You need g12 Geos and then 2 pilotless ships basically.
    On my main I went for Nego first and took it all the way to 7*, then started for Malev (and got a lot thru the galactic chase, so it's nearly 7* now as well). On the alt, I just went straight for Malev as that was my plan, and it's the cheaper option and good if you are already running Geos.

    You will want your 3x Geo pilots at g12, plus probably GBA at g12 and Poggle can stay at g11+ a few pieces. This will make completing the Wat mission pretty simple, plus for the pilots g12 is fine for them until late end game.

    On my alt I just focused on the geos to g12 first, suffered a bit in squad arena but it pays off having them for a strong fleet (and they are still decent in arena). Once they are g12 I am "done" with them for a very long time and can focus on my other projects.

    I was running Rebels at the time I finally hit 145 shards of GET-2 Tokens.
    I also went for Negotiator first, but, if I was starting over on a new account I totally would not and instead push for Malev quickly after having a Bug Fleet up & running for the Tarkin missions.
    Especially since you have a 50 shard head start w/ Malev.

    The Bugs at G12 are able to take down a Fleet of Relic-5+ GR ships.
    And for their use in DS Geo, I was beating the Wat mission w/ R5 Alpha, G11 Spy, & G12 the other 3.

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    Understood. I had another question in that case. If I'm sticking with the Geos in squad arena, should my first Zeta go to GBA?

    I've noticed a lot of folks tend to recommend characters like Vader or Palp for the first Zeta. And there are others like Jolee, Revan and Bastila who could benefit from one too.

    When it comes to Zetas, focus on those that are for your Best teams like Squad Arena team.
    Alpha has 2 Zetas, both useful, but 1 is FAR more useful than the other.
    The Pre-Summon is okay. But the increased damage one is way more useful to improve the whole team.

    Zetas fall into a few categories.

    Need - Must have to really change how the character/team works.
    Good - Very useful to augment the team but isn't a "game changer"
    Luxury - Also useful but you don't HAVE to have it till you have a surplus of Zeta mats.
    Waste - Avoid it, it might have limited use but its mostly a waste of Mats & GP.

    For Alpha, I'd call the damage one a NEED and the Pre-Summon as Good or Luxury.
    Jolee's is a NEED.

    Palpatine's Leadership is a Need
    Vader's MM is also a Need.

    Just focus on adding the Need Zetas to all your biggest/best/meta teams initially & then add some Good's as you can.
    I'm 2.5 years into the game & I am still working on collecting the Good & a few Luxury zetas.

    Nice thing about Geos is they run just great on a single Zeta from GBA.
    Not many teams run amazing like that on just 1 Zeta.
  • @Schwartzring

    Understood. It will take a long time for me to get to a stage where I'm able to unlock Mal, but I'll keep your points in mind. Currently, ship credits and ability materials is holding my fleet back from hitting its potential, so I get why it won't be a good idea to unlock and level up too many ships. I'll focus on what's needed for the Seps and farm Empire ships (TiE Advanced, TiE Bomber) as a side project without looking to level them up for now. I was planning on using GW tokens on GR ships (Ahsoka's, Plo Kloon's, Umbaran), but feel it will be pointless since I can't level them up just yet. Will spend that currency on characters for now.

    As for your recommendations on zetas, this was going to be my preferred order of allocating a Zeta.
    1. GBA (Queen's Will)
    2. Palp (Leader)
    3. Vader (MM)

    As you've called out, the increased damage to buffed enemies benefits the entire team, and hence, should be given a higher priority than say, Queen's Will. But I was wondering if the need may differ basis how one plans on using the Geos. I feel Queen's will is a better choice if the Geos are often in situations where they have to defend against other teams, because the AI may not pay special attention to keeping buffs on enemies to maintain a high damage output. This is primarily because Sun Fac's basic serves to dispel buffs and hence can derail the strat basis how the AI moves. However, in a situation where the player has choice over how the Geos move, i.e. on offence, the ability can definitely make a number of battles extremely easy.

    Similarly, for Empire, I was thinking of going for Palp first because his Zeta makes the entire team (Vader, TFP, Tarkin) perform incredibly well on offence. I might even knock out teams without them making a single move. Whereas, Vader's Zeta turns him into a monster who can potentially solo teams on his own.

    Considering that I plan on having my Geos as my primary defence in GAC, and an Empire squad as my primary offence, does my Zeta order make sense? I'll mostly go for Jolee's Zeta next, post which I could consider adding a Zeta to GBA's leader ability, but that would be a long way down the road. Would really like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Also, could you also give me your perspective on whether I'm thinking the right way for GAC or if I'm spreading myself too thin?

    Thank you.
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    IMO GBA queens will is the single zeta in the game that makes the whole team work. Better than the damage one. I have two accounts both with Queens Will zeta and not the other, and both can get Wat shards.

    Then I would put MM above Palp lead because Vader doesn’t work without MM zeta.
  • @Intimmydation

    Got it. I'll go for Queen's Will first, followed by MM.

    I'm also planning on gearing Vader alone, instead of the other Empire characters. Will make him my side project for gear along with BHs and Jedi (Bastila, Jolee, GMY) once I get Ezra and Chopper to G8.

    I was also wondering if I should use my GET-1 on Hoda once I have enough for a full unlock? I plan on using that currency only for Hoda and GAS, but I know the latter is a long way down the road because of his requirements. I've read in a few places that even a 5* Hoda works very well in a JKR team, hence the question.
  • When it comes to ship resources, just keep saving & don't waste them on anything.

    For a while I made the mistake of using Ship Creds to buy some Mods because I had a couple fleets going & wasn't leveling more ships.
    Regretted that the minute I expanded from 2-4 Fleets & was broke again.

    My suggestion for fleet is only work on a single fleet at a time, and in the beginning that is Tarkin + Bugs, Kylo, & whatever other DS ships your using to get a full DS fleet going early.

    You can't go wrong with any of the 5 Sep ships.
    Eventually 3/4 of the FO ships are needed for Finalizer but only Kylo is a MUST early IMHO.
    Empire trio of Vader, Bomber, & ITF are all good starter but long term you'll want the rest of them just to have a full empire fleet but that is in like 2 years.

    I think the only DS Ships that I'm just NOT touching are SF TIE & the 2 SE ships.
    For now they do nothing for me. Maybe in the future.

    PS. I forgot to mention it but when your doing Alpha Mods, put a heavy emphasis on Tenacity.
    The worst Bugs to deal w/ are the ones where none of your Debuffs land so you can't Crowd Control them w/ Stuns & Dazes.
    Alpha & Poggle both have Cleanses so keeping them up in the face of debuffs at least will allow you to then cleanse other team members to keep the team in the fight and assisting.

    Also, I agree, with Immi, Vader B4 Palp in Zeta.

    All I can say about the Alpha Zeta is it was the Damage one that allowed me to beat the Padme event, not the Pre-Taunt/Summon one.
    I only purchased that one when I decided I needed a 2nd & 3rd Pre-Taunt for use in certain raid/arena/event scenarios.
  • @Schwartzring

    Noted. I'm farming TiE Advanced from the fleet store right now (60/80). I plan on replacing ITF with it once I do unlock it. I also don't plan on powering up ITF beyond 5* for now. KRU's TiE Silencer is at 5* for me, and I don't plan on starring or levelling it up any further either. I'll replace that with Hyena Bomber once I unlock that as well. Once I get VD to 5* and Bastila to 6*, I will be refreshing HB's node once a day to attempt a quick unlock for it.

    I'm also farming HT and it helps that it's on the same node as Jango. I know that it will only become viable post level 85, but I plan on having that in my fleet as either my 6th or 7th ship, depending on whether I am able to take Executrix to 7* in that period.

    With that, my fleet by level 85 should include the three Geo ships, Vulture Droid, Hyena Bomber, and TiE Advanced, with the potential to add Hound's Tooth once it's unlocked and/or Executrix is at 7*. That should help limit resources for when I eventually decide to add more fleets.

    I'm currently only farming speed mods to ensure that Alpha and Poggle are as fast as they can be. I'm yet to farm a single speed arrow, which is painful, but will pause on the speed mods once I get a couple. I was planning on farming potency after that for Poggle and Vader, but I can alternate that with Tenacity a few times a week to get some decent mods for GBA.

    I've also decided not to gear up the rest of the Empire squad, at least for the first couple of months once I unlock GAC. I'll try to keep a limited roster to prevent GP bloat, while also limiting my resource spend. Considering that I want to use my Geos on defence for GAC, I'll Zeta Queen's Will first followed by Vader's MM. I think I should be able to 7* Padme without the damage Zeta as long as the Geos are geared up well enough. Considering that Padme won't become viable for me until I can unlock and/or 7* General Kenobi, I don't have an issue if I have to wait to 7* her either. My third Zeta in this case will mostly go to Jolee. I also want to omega a few of the Geos abilities, especially GBA's glaive sweep and conscription and Poggle's debuff cleanse, so I'd like to limit the number of zetas I have to give out too over the next 2-3 months.

    As for GET-1, do you think it makes sense to unlock Hoda at 5* first and then hoard for GAS? Or should I continue to hoard the currency irrespective?
  • Couple more thoughts:

    - Agree with @Schwartzring on saving ship credits. Just focus on your main fleet till you have it maxed, then start working on secondary ships (including RI). Don't use these to buy mods early on or level up ships you really have no intent to use. They will be scarce for a VERY long time. I am just at a point on my account after nearly a year where I will spend them on mods, but I also have 70M in the bank, though will be blowing about 1/2 of that leveling up my 4th fleet in the coming months.
    - Remember you will need 6 ships at 6* to get the last tier of the zeta mat challenge, where you can start getting ship omegas. This is really important to keep in mind so I would consider to keep farming the ITF since it's easy to get (even if you don't put resources into it). You will have 3x Geos & VD at 6*...but need 2 more. I suggest you keep with ITF and TIE Silencer to 6*...otherwise you will be waiting a long time for HB, HT or Vader and fall behind getting those ship omegas (I made this mistake on my alt)
    - GET1 - Just calculate out how much GET1 you get per month, then your estimated time to unlock GAS. Based on that you will know how much excess you will have to potentially put into Hoda. For me on my main, but the time I unlocked GAS @ 9 months in, I had 140k GET1, so enough to fully unlock GAS at 7* and then nearly the full way to a 7* Hoda unlock. Probably it makes sense to get Hoda early and then start saving again for GAS, but do the calculation.
  • @Intimmydation

    Got it. I'll limit my ship currency spend to Executrix, the 3 Geos and VD until HB gets unlocked. I've currently hoarded about 1m for when Soldier's SF hits 7*, but that should take one major spend out from my list of priorities.

    I'll keep your points on the ship ability material challenge in mind. I should have Sun Fac's SF at 6* by then, but will probably have to keep refreshing VD's node until level 84.

    I'll continue to purchase ITF's blueprints from the fleet store/GW store, but I plan on replacing his node with that of JKA's ETA2. As for the sixth ship, I'll avoid TiE Silencer. It's a slow farm and uses cantina energy.

    I'm using my cantina energy to get Hera up to 7*, while I purchase Ezra's shards from the fleet store. I should have a full 7* Phoenix squad by the end of the week. Once that's done, I will be focusing on T3 and Mission's farms since I'm rushing JKR as soon as I hit level 85. I also want to rush GBA to 7* as soon as I hit level 83, which is why I'd want to avoid any additional farms using cantina energy.

    I can however, farm Ahsoka's ETA from the GW store. That's a fairly easy farm to 6* and should be complete in about 25-30 days or less. It will also be more beneficial to me in the short term compared to TiE Silencer for GAS.

    I am currently earning approx 10-11k GET-1 tokens per month. That should get me enough to unlock Hoda in 3 months time. I can either choose to hoard for GAS from that point, or take a call to 7* Hoda basis where I am with the other farms needed for the event - especially Shaak Ti and B1, who are accessible on the last fleet node.

    Thank you.
  • Don't spend on anyone w/ GET-1.
    Just keep banking it.
    Once you have enough to actually open the character, then take a look at where you are for the characters there.
    If your close to GAS at that time, then keep banking for GAS.
    If your not but you really NEED Hoda for a Revan team (I still don't use him for Revan FYI after 2.5 years)

    I never opened Hoda so I started w/ Ezra 5th, & these days I alternate between R5 Old Ben, R6 Shaak, & R7 GAS as my 5th in Revan team based on where I need my characters to be.

    One of the great things about Revan, CLS, 501st, & Padme is each of those 4 LS teams are basically a 4 man team w/ a swing slot for 5th.
    GAS, Shaak, Old Ben, 3PO, R2D2 are all great & can each fill in for 2-3 of the 4 teams.
    I find it allows a lot of flexibility based on what I'm trying to do (C-Pit, LS-Geo, Assault Battle, T-War, GAC)

  • @Schwartzring

    I agree. I'll continue to hoard my GET-1 and take stock after 3 months when I have enough to do a full unlock on Hoda. If I feel that I can go for GAS in the next 5-6 months, I'll continue to hoard the currency, else spend it to unlock Hoda. If I feel that I can only reach GAS after another year beyond that point, I'll unlock Hoda, hoard to get him to 7* before resuming my hoard for GAS. If I'm not wrong, CG won't be adding any new toons to that currency, so I don't know if I need to hoard beyond these two characters for now. Wampa's shards are available through galactic bounties and JKL is probably the only other character I may go for in the long run.

    A prime reason behind wanting to unlock Hoda is GAC. Most of my other Jedi are part of other squads I'm developing for that mode - Ezra for Phoenix, JKA, Ahsoka for GR. Old Ben is the lone anomaly, but I'm not farming him right now. Having enough GET-1 to unlock Hoda around the time I get JKR could be invaluable in my opinion. It may not make much of a difference in other modes such as squad arena or HAAT, since I can plug and play any of the other characters you've recommended.

    Thank you.
  • On the ships, just make sure you have a solid plan to get 6 different ones to 6* pretty quickly. I wouldn't rule out TIE Silencer as it's a good ship and the node is good b/c you can convert KRU shards to SSC. It's more beneficial to make sure you have those six ships than having all the Phoenix to 7*...you can always circle back to get them to then cap off your Thrawn. My alt still only has a 6* Thrawn even though all my PS are 7* because I haven't wanted to put more gear or levels into them yet...and that 4/4 phase is HARD.

    And yeah just hoard your GET1, but likely by the time you are in a place of unlocking GAS, you would have enough GET1 to take him from 5 to 7*, and also enough for at least a 5* unlock of Hoda. I was about 130k GET1 after 9 months in the game, though in a pretty good guild from early on.
  • @Intimmydation

    I'm mostly ruling out TiE Silencer since it doesn't have a use on any of the fleets I plan on building over the next year or so.

    You're right in saying that I can convert KRU's shards to SSC, but atm SSC doesn't have much value for me. Had I been in a situation where there was no other way to acquire Mk5 Stun Guns, I may have considered it, but the gear updates have partly resolved that issue.

    I'm gunning for Phoenix mainly since they'll be one of my defensive squads for GAC once it opens up. I'm ok not having Thrawn at 7* because I'm not using him in the short to medium term. In case I decide not to farm Phoenix, I'll probably still avoid TiE Silencer and start farming Mission/T3 from the cantina.

    I think not being in a good guild from the start did impair my progress, but I'm in a decent place right now. I just think that GAS's requirements will take a long time for me to fill up. Not sure if I would need Negotiator for the event, but in the oft chance that I do, I'm looking at unlocking him at least 16-18 months from now. I should have ~170-200k GET-1 by then, so I'll invest in Hoda (unlock, then 7*) before I hoard for GAS.
  • You should be able to get GAS much faster than that, target 1 year I would say. I unlocked him on my main after 9 months, but I was also HDB and also built the Rebels first....but I think 10-12 months is reasonable for GAS.

    The biggest consideration is how long it will take you to get a 7* Capital ship (Nego or Endurance). If you get in a guild doing both DS & LS Geo TB, even at lowish stars, you will get enough GET2 to probably target Nego for 7*. If you are doing LS Hoth, then probably need to focus on Endurance, but it's not fast either as you need 5 months after reaching it to 6* to get enough shards for 7*. Can knock off 1 month using crystals I would say if the rest of your squads are ready for the GAS event.
  • GAS is great & all, but, he's dang near the investment of a GL.
    I'm not sure I'm make him an early target.
    As Intim noted, you have to have either a FULLY MAXED Endurance w/ all the L8 abilities & a G11+ Mace to hit the GP mark, or a 7* Negotiator w/ unmaxed abilities.
    You also end up using Shaak w/ the 501st for the KAM mission whenever it comes around which is still a long way off.
    So my point is, you have plenty of time to work on Gal Rep characters since short of Yoda/Ahsoka, I don't consider most any of them a good "Early game" farm idea.

    If your guild is doing DS/Geo & LS/Hoth then I'd focus on Seps Faction & Rebels faction which both offer great teams & will directly support the guild.

    And don't discount Silencer as not having a place just because you don't have Finalizer.
    I used that ship to lead my DS Fleets under Tarkin since day 1 & it never disappoints.
    Its one of the fasted ships in the game so it usually goes first, Hits hard & that stun on basic is awesome for keeping the enemy locked down.
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