What people I should prioritise for my SLKR Journey

So right now I’m trying to get my characters up to the right prerequisites and I want to know who to priorities first . I have so far prioritised KRU as i have him now G13 and relic 5 nearly 6 (literally in a few hours he will be 6) and my SiT is G11 and Hux G9 and my team that I’m using run is
-Kru (l)
-OG Kylo
And usually i use (mod wise) hux as the fastest and KRU as mos health and sit as my most critical chance and crit damage i also hav OG KYLO as my most offence and tenacity and my FOO just has some crit chance and speed and my FOO is g9 and OG Kylo g9 so i want to ask who should i prioritise first.

Note: My strategy is to use hux to give FOO Turn meter and then give SiT offence up and advantage and use vengeance blast and utilise his assist and offence up (after venegeant blast i use his second turn straight afterwards to give all characters advantage again.

Just to let you know i have all the physical abilities maxed but my zetas are
KRU - Merciless
Hux - boundless ambition
Every other one is 7 (and I’m trying to get sit’s zetad) please help thanks a lot


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