F2P looking for some direction/guidance

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Hello there,

I'm relatively new to the forum, so hoping this is the correct place to raise this discussion. I've been playing for the past few months as a F2P, but would really appreciate some guidance on what direction to take. Which character unlocks should I work on, should I focus on being more competitive in Arena, working towards a GL or something completely different?

So far I've been working my way through the Tier 3 journey guides, so I've got quite a few toons a 7*, but their gear is only around G8/9/10, as that is all that is required for the events. More recently, I've been looking at ships working towards farming zeta mats, but again not sure if I've spread myself too thinly. Problem I regularly have is lack of credits.

I'm part of a guild that completes the Heroic Rancor and AAT raids, so getting a decent amount of gear, and not far from getting Han and GK to 7*.

https://swgoh.gg/p/683764114/ if that helps.

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