Executor and it's healing ability

Hello everyone readin this,

I feel that Executor's healing ability is not really created with enough thought in mind and I think it should be revised or changed somehow so it can be more usefull. As it stands, if you upgrade this ability passed level 6 you're virtually screwed as it will make your Executor mirrors to be obnoxious due to that force taunt on BH ships.

As they AI is working right now, more so than not enemy fleets will focus your RC and you'll need to heal it which also gives you the foresight (good) and the taunt (really really bad). I hope someone at CG will take a look upon this and maybe fix it.

If I can make a sugestion, you could keep it as it is but specify that the foresight will be granted to the targeted BH ship and the Taunt will be given to a target that so has the tank tag on top of it being a BH ship.

Forcing taunt on a crucial ship that will be focused regardless because of the AI is quite bad.

Please CG, fix this issue. It really sucks as it is.



  • Xcien
    2436 posts Member
    You are one of many asking for a change to this ability. Hopefully CG decides to listen.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
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