Best Cantina Battles Shards?

We all know that the Cantina Battles shipments can give shards for some pretty interesting characters. Normally, I would be saying DAKA but I already have her. So, what should I get? Should I try to upgrade Daka or get a different character? I also have Boba already but I'm not very fond of him so I don't want to upgrade him too badly. Anyway, suggestion? Sitting on 800 of the little orange things right now just waiting to be spent.


  • Max Daka or acquire Ahsoka if you have 2-3 jedi/nightsisters to use with her leader ability.
  • After i got Daka i switched to Poe
  • Poe and Boba are both very viable choices after Daka... it kinda depends on your team needs
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  • Fives has a buttload of hp and could be cool in an assist team with Phasma
  • I have no idea. I just want to collect Boba for the cool and collection factors, but my Old Daka is already halfway to 6 star. :'( Too many good characters in the shop to easily decide.
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  • You should keep going with Daka until she's 7 stars. Luckily most players aren't reading this forum, which will give you an edge.
  • That's definitely a good plan, I just hate having to reconcile my love for collecting with the reality that promoting is one of the best ways to continue progressing in the campaign. I just wish her basic attack animation wasn't so long, especially when the game slows down randomly. Looks cool the first couple of times, but I just want it to end so I can get the darn stun roll outcome. :#
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  • Continuing to farm JC, Lumi, and Daka will help you complete GW even when you're fighting a bunch of maxxed teams.
  • I already fed the consular to my pet rancor. :'(
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  • Lol
  • You Need a strong Daka to progress in Dark Side PvE.
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  • Daka then poe, then whoever you want. Not unlocking these two will lead to regret.
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  • It's all about boba, pretty darn good
  • I focused on Daka too. Having Dooku and Daka adds a lot of incertainty and mischief to enemy. Chained effect can be destroyed, healers delayed one turn, nuclear AoEs delayed long enough (Old Ben). That taunter got delayed 1 turn?

    Daka heal comes in handy, and her damage while low grade is not really bad and a good addition. Her revive I see as a free bonus that I seldom use and has proven a little use so far.
  • I've been working on Asohka 5* . Should I switch to Daka?
  • I've been working on Daka simply because most people recommend you get her. I've finally nearly unlocked her so I'll be able to see what all the fuss is about :)
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  • Well, once unlocked she wont amaze you. However, the darkside missions take a steep climb in difficulty, and without her, youll be spendibg more time ranting on these forums about how hard dark is then you will be farming.
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  • I would do daka like most are saying.

    I went with boba first and kept going with him till I got him to 7*. Boba is great don't get me wrong, but I can't progress in ds hard 6 now because I don't have the heals to withstand all the AoEs in the campaign.
  • Barrok
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    Borrow daka :)
  • I just borrow daka as I don't need her yet in arena or GW but she is very much needed in DS missions. I'm personally working on Ahsoka 6* in cantina shipments while still farming JC in the battles.
  • i just borrow a daka for the ds missions. i have a talia and then a bunch of aoe damagers, havent had a problem yet through 5-b hard
  • Her heal sucks anyway. The best thing about her is that stun. It's very very nice in both PVP and PVE.
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    am im the only one farm Finn ? But im trying to get my Boba aswell.
  • Old Daka ist the key char here, after her it depends on your team and synergies. Good for example are 555, Bobba and Phasma.
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