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Yes, it's just a rant, but man I'm cheesed right now!
Just had a galactic war table with five, FIVE stinking PHOENIX SQUADS IN A ROW!
needless to say they wore down all my teams, and when I got to node 12, the final Phoenix squad was 20 levels above my surviving toons and I couldn't even get through the protection on a singe one of them before I was slaughtered.

Yes, GW isn't supposed to be completable every time, but this **** is just aggravating.
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  • It gets easier as it goes along. Since the power of the teams in GW are based off the power of your top 5 characters, you should get two teams to clear it. Nihilus led Sith and Bastila Shan led Jedi are two great teams for GW.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • I'm working on deepening my roster with more teams... I've got 2 good teams (clones and nightsisters) 3 mediocre teams ( imp troopers and two rebel teams) rounded out with some "trash" teams that I'm still figuring out.

    I can breeze through Phoenix teams in Arena, but facing five of them in row, each one progressively stronger, chipped away at my squads until I had nothing good left to use.
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