Best GAR Team after the great nerf of 2021

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I'm an f2p player farming padme for the Galactic Republic team. After the nerf and new charecters coming out/reworks, what is the best GAR team I should start farming?
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    To be honest, reading GAR, I though of Gar Saxon, but after reading the post, I see this is about GR teams.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • i dont see an issue with the regular Padmeteam. i think nobody was nerfed in this crew.
    Padme ( L ), GK, Ahsoka, JKA, C3P0/Bariss ( for the beginning )
  • The full 501st squad is actually better now in a lot of ways than it was before the 'nerf.' So General Skywalker, Rex, Echo, Fives, and Arc Trooper are probably the best team hands down in the faction minus Jedi Master Kenobi squads. Padme teams are quite easy to get up and running however, so that's a great team that doesn't take a ton of resources. If you have CAT as well it takes that team to another level
  • I'm still only level 84 but thank you for your guys help because I was trying to determine who to start farming, I think I will go with Padme, AT, GK, JKA, and 3P0 seeing as GAS is still far away in the farming aspect
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