Audio issue with last major update?

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I always used to be able to listen to audible while playing GoH but ever since last update everytime I launch the game it auto pauses audible. Doesn't happen with any other games or apps, I've checked all my goh and audible settings, and I've now been told by others they are having the same issue with listening to podcasts. Judging by this it sounds like some sort of internal change in swgoh that forces a pause on audio apps. Even when I tab out and try to hit play again, as soon as swgoh is back to thr front screen it pauses.
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  • Same here. Maybe they really want us to focus on the in-game experience. Or the improved sound of pressing "Sim" 30x daily.
  • I also have this issue. It's super annoying
  • For me it's the same but with Spotify. Since the recent update it just stops the songs once Swgoh is running and won't let them play. This wasn't happening before the update. I've checked all app permissions and other settings and nothing has changed from how it was before, yet it doesn't work anymore. Works fine with other apps though, so can't be a Spotify issue. Is there some pack in the store now that we must purchase to be able to listen to music in the background now...?
  • Yeah 2 months of radio silence, pun intended
  • I have this problem too.
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