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I have a battle that is caught in a connection error loop. No issues with WiFi. No issues with wireless. Everything else but this game working fine. It's stuck on a MM rebel fighter battle. My guess is that maybe the amount of data being transmitted is triggering these errors. It was a long battle knocking out the rebel fighter Conquest feat. I've been seeing a lot of these errors in all phases of the game lately. No problems whatsoever with any other app/browser etc. Either there's an issue in their code or it's another intentional "bug" intended to cost crystals/energy. I've tried switching WiFi network and even went to straight wireless... both with glorious signal. Typically these errors stop after a few times hitting the "try again" button and after hitting try again it will error instantaneously. This battle sits for a couple minutes before popping the try again button up again.

Anyone know what might be going on with this?
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    The beat way to highlight issues you are seeing is to report them to Answers HQ.
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