Content Update: 09/29/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update encompasses many important changes, most of which are discussed in greater detail elsewhere. Please be sure to check out the links below in order to prepare for the upcoming changes and be more informed about when they are happening and what they entail.

The biggest changes accompanying this update are related to Relic 9, Territory War changes, Rancor Pit Raid Challenge Tier reward changes, and some exciting changes that affect the Gear economy!

In addition to all the above, there are some fixes, updates, and known issues.

You can find the Event Calendar for October here, and the monthly login character is Jango Fett.

We’ve added some additional fidget sounds and animations for R2-D2 and Emperor Palpatine. These are the first units in what will be a multiphase effort to update fidgets for various characters.

In a similar vein, Darth Maul has received a touchup to his in-game character model.

And now, here’s more on some of the big changes coming to the game:
  • Relic 9: Requires 2 materials to craft, Droid Brains and Gyrda Keypads. We are also expanding the ability for players to get Relic 8 materials.
  • Changes to Territory Wars, including changes to Divisions, Rewards, and Matchmaking.
    • Divisions: 8 new divisions are being added to the upper ranks
    • Rewards: Relic 1-8 materials are awarded to Guilds in the new Divisions and Guilds can earn a new Relic 9 material from the top 5 Divisions
    • Matchmaking: Will take into account several factors in addition to Guild GP in order to accomplish our goal of creating a more fair and balanced experience long term
  • Rancor Pit Raid Challenge Tier changes: We are adjusting the Relic 8 rewards in the challenge tier of The Pit to provide more guild members with a chance at getting Aeromagnifiers.
  • Gear Economy: We plan to update the flow of Gear over several phases. Our goals for increasing Gear flow are the following:
    • Allow newer players to progress faster
    • Accelerate all players’ ability to unlock and engage with Relics
    • Ease the older Gear hurdles while maintaining their value.

For more details on the above, check out our State of the Gear-laxy forum post.

  • GENERAL - Updated Journey Guide to add color to highlight certain abilities, buffs, and debuffs, making them easier to read and reference.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue where Commander Ahsoka Tano's Unique, “Her Own Path” could persist or reapply when an allied unit was revived after CAT was defeated.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Lord Vader in which some description text was not displaying appropriately when searching for Ultimate Materials.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with B1 Battle Droid's character model in which its blaster was unintentionally clipping through its hand.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Jedi Master Luke in which he did not gain the visual effect for "Mastery Increased" after his Mastery had been manipulated by "Jedi Legacy."
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Royal Guard's cape in which it was sometimes not visible when viewed from behind.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Royal Guard’s character model missing from certain areas of the game.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Executor's ability "Vader's Bounty" so it now correctly allows Bounty Hunters who inflict Breach on an enemy to dispel their own debuffs.
  • EVENT - Updated Galactic Challenge "Calculated Shots" feat so that summoned Vulture Droids count toward completion of the feat.
  • EVENT - Updated text in 2nd tier of Lord Vader's event to state that if the loaned General Kenobi dies, the battle is lost.
  • EVENT - Fixed issue with Galactic Challenge Hoth modifier that resulted in animation issues for some ships.
  • EVENT - Fixed issue with Darth Traya’s lightsabers not reviving in certain scenarios after she was “Toppled” in Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate raid.

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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