Shard chats good or bad

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Just wondering people thoughts on shard theory I think they are good to maximize people’s FTP rewards. With that said talking to many people some chats go above and beyond to make sure people are excluded and coordinate to attack some. Some won’t let players that become serious in because they are full. How does this help the health of the game.
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    Anything that increases crystal gain or reduces expenses is good. CG would like to drain our reserves so we have to spend or be left behind, shard chats help reduce that.
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    Yes but isn’t shard chats not allowing new players that can complete into the chat that agree to follow rules unfair and ultimately bad for the game
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    I think they are good. Just knowing the PO times of those around you to avoid sniping them in huge, even if there is no real coordination or helping outside of that.

    Now, how you add new people to it as they progress is always a tough question. More people getting higher rewards is always a good thing, but if you get too many, and people are asking others to weaken their squads all the time, it can start to become a hassle. Especially since there will also be some players more willing to weaken to help and some just will never do it.

    Also when you start to see all the available PO times full (24 total) and many with multiple people per PO, I can see the reluctance to let others in. There needs to be some clear guidelines for any chat as far as when you should climb, how to treat others both in the chat but also not in the chat, any rules around weakening after taking top PO, and when to let new members in the chat, or even remove existing members who may have become less active or no longer reach the top ranks (it can become a challenge to manage the huge PO lists / bots).

    In the shard chats I am in (going to refer mostly to fleet), when we saw people consistently climb into top 10 we would try to reach out to get them to join. Now we are like 9 months into the creation of the shard and the top fleets all have GET2 ships, so now we really just bring in people once they themselves get a GET2 ship. Why only once they have that? Because they won't be able to break top 10 until they do, and then knowing POs we can avoid the sniping. There are people w/o GET2 ships in the shard from early on, and we help where we can, but it also cannot be expected that 2-3+ people every day are swapping out their fleets for weaker ones just for 1 person to climb.
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    Why do people not in the shard chat get attacked and feel that it's coordinated against them? Well, most of the time it's because they refused to join the shard chat, and therefore kept sniping people at different POs, so the shard helps to protect people part of it.

    I am still relatively new to the game, but I have never seen a shard just attack a random person outside the chat over and over every day if that person didn't specifically refuse to join, or continuously snipe others.
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    In my case i requested to join, agreed to rule and said i was ok to just get top 10 and allows Top 5 which I think is fair. i was voted no and told maybe if I behave i would be let in Later but the shard is very full. How can I behave if I don’t no everyone’t PO’s? Unofficially i’ve be told I have a target on me and anytime I climb above 40 people will notice and automatically attack.
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    If your shard chat won't let you in, you might consider offering to change your PO so that it's not in as crowded a PO as others who've been in the chat longer. Also even if they're not going to let you into the chat for PO optimization, they might let you in to view the POs with their bot, and if you play nice and avoid hitting people close to their PO, even if you're not taking 1st every day, it will save you and them resources for playing nice, and that may go a long way towards them eventually letting you in.
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    Wookie I asked about being in the chat just to see PO to try and not attack people close to PO and got no response(been like 2-3 months now)
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    @Mugz722 to what rank can you normally climb to each day?

    If you are already reaching top 10-15 without help, and they are refusing to let you in, then I would say that's a badly run shard chat.

    If you are just reaching top 20 but not much higher, then perhaps that is why (though should be nothing wrong with them sharing the PO list so at least you can watch out and not **** anyone off).

    tbh in my squad arena chats, if people are not consistently reaching to top 10 on their own, then likely they won't get invited since many people at the top just don't see them (unless they keep sniping others at PO, then usually they will be reached out to).
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    I’m only reaching 20-30 range. Per someone i talk to that is in The chat, he says once you reach above 40 in rank an alert goes out and people in the shard chat will target you. Today I got to 25 and before I could battle again dropped back into the 40’s. Most of the people above me are all JMK which mirror matches are not a problem. I have people in my guild offering to pay me to buy crystals so I can refresh battle and continuously attack and move up with oht waiting between battles. I’m u willing to do that and just blow other peoples money that I personally think is a complete waste
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    Last month I was getting in the top 20 daily, at that time the shard chat wasn’t focusing attacks at non members until they got into the top20
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    Everything depends on the arena you are in, I finish inside top 10 for years now and I’m still being bullied by the shard mafia. They try their best to pull me outside of top 10
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