Too much "player engagement" is a bad thing



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    Yeah like I’m literally only getting red crate in conquest because Maul is a soft req for LV.
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    At least add an additional day to TW to accommodate for additional workload.
    I thought about that too but it really doesn't address the root problem - the added workload remains, it's just potentially spread out a bit more.

    And frankly the fact that we are even talking about a game in terms of "workload" shows how bad it's got. :/

    This. It’s one thing to have to complete events etc for rewards, but this is ludicrous. And this is coming from an undefeated player in new TW!!
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • When Conquest first came out I really enjoyed it. I think it's safe to say most players enjoyed it. It was fun, the data disks were cool and gave a new twist to an otherwise kind of stagnant game, and it was doable in a reasonable amount of time. I was able to get the hard red crate several times with a decent yet expected amount of effort but now I'm lucky if I get the third tier crate. The challenges added to the game mode are mostly bogus (winning battles with full Phoenix and BB squads at R7, inflicting deathmark, evading 100 attacks in ONE zone) and the time requirement has shot up just to try and get anywhere close to the max crate.

    I really appreciate this game because it's one of the very few that doesn't have some stupid ad pop up from some other cheaply made game in the App Store every 30 seconds and the content is (or was) genuinely entertaining and fun. It's basically the only game i even have. Now I have to spend far too long on here just to attempt to keep up with everything that's going on. I have a family and a full time job plus other outside commitments but the time reqs for everything now makes it so I have to treat this game like my second job.

    I think what's most impressive about this entire thread so far is that usually some devil's advocate has jumped in somewhere to add some snide comment about how we're all babies and need to stop complaining. However they've yet to be seen. Either they agree or they're too busy grinding away at everything now.
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    So this is my average time spend on SWGOH the past week. Its almost one day out of 7! That happens when you play every mode the game has to offer competitively to stay on top. It is far too much time needed. Maybe half of it would be ok.

    We urgently need some breathing room. Making HSTR simmable would be a first step. It would save like 50 minutes each week. Question is though: what will the loot be like? Are there still G12(+) parts in the reward crate then? Otherwise most guilds will just go on to play it regularly.

    The effort to get to max crate in Conquest will have to be significantly lowered as well. The old system was in a pretty good spot imo. It took 6-7 days of intensified gaming which is absolutely acceptable.

    I don't want to activate the option Time on Screen on my phone just because I do not want to see this... If I do, I will surely quit...

    Come on CG, find a better way to use our time than just silly grinding! A lot of my friends, family, and obviously my wife told me that I'm playing too much on my phone, few months ago, and i allready agreed with them... I am afraid of what they would think if they could see this screenshot right now! I love the game (even if not the recent changes), but I now feel forced to play if I want to stay competitive. This is not a problem if a lot of players can get max crates in conquest. By privileging only people who have time to spend 20h a week on the game, you will exhaust your playerbase, and, little by little, they will run away.

    The game is a big point, but the first point is IRL, and I think this might be the thing you are not really looking at. From fun to grind, the step has been taken, and I'm not sure I can handle it much longer.

    This is not a threat, these are facts! In few days/weeks/months, when a lot of players will quit, exhausted, do not say you haven't been warn! The state of the game is not good, it can't match with a real life schedule!

    Sorry if my syntax is perfectible but I really hope that it is clear enough for you to take note...
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    It became workload. I already quitted regularly playing GAC. Would have reached last time the 1 million mark.

    But with the GAC changes a few months ago an the new conquest it became to time consuming.

    The new TW was interesting, but as an officer I hate it. Now it needs again more time to coordinate people, waiting times became much longer and many of our player base said (not that gently): "yeah, no. R9 is not worth this game mode. Neither are the new rewards, whichbare nearly the same for doubling the effort. Sry, but no."

    And overall, thats also my opinion. Increasing times for three game modes, which just hardcore gamers can have asked for and not regular players with families in reality is ... annoying.

    Dont know what to say more. It just sucks and thinking what gamemode I will cancel now, after GAC is already gone for me.
  • I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said, but it's important to add my voice to this alert from the community: nothing justifies the amount of time required to participate in all the activities.
    It's too much, way too much, and the weariness is felt especially by all those who want to be fully engaged. Only casual players don't care about these changes, and I don't think they are the ones who bring the most money to CG.

    I (we?) would really appreciate to see an official answer from the devs team, even if it's just to say "we take note, we work on it".
  • CG how dare you give players options to actually play your game?!

    Half the time people whine about "look at me spin the characters because there's nothing to do!" Then the other half of the time they whine and moan because they can't get max rewards in conquest with little to no effort anymore
  • Big surprise as well, no interactions on this post from CG. Well done, devs. Good job listening to your players.
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    We asked for a library. CG gave us a bookshelf with 3 paperbacks on it and expect us to read them 50 times.

    Ok, that's about the funniest thing I've read on the forums.
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