UNDERGEARED CLS destroys the Conquest! Chewie's Rage!

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Hello everyone!

This is Zsoltee's Journey Guide!

Today's content is my heavily undergeared CLS team that managed to go through Sector 1-2-3 with gear level 12 (Chewpio G11! and 5*!) quite easily with a little amount of RNG. Witness the power of the classic CLS team! If you do not like to read then watch my youtube video:


If you like to read then I will show you some of the battles and the modding of my team.
So the team, abilities, and the mods:


CLS, Chewie, Raid Han, Chewpio, and C3PO. Classic composition.

One fight, Sector 3, and my opponent was a Bad Batch team. Gear 13, relics, and zetas. Bad batch is a versatile, highly played, and appreciated team. However, CLS utterly wreaks havoc!
the map

Complete Bad Batch team, the beginning of the fight. Han shoots first.
The opposing team is not able to do anything actually. Han shot Hunter, thus they cannot act and do dispel of whatever. When Han shoots, Chewie and Chewpio assist. If C3PO uses an ability, assists again...then CLS and Chewpio use any abilities, they get assists again.2jhpo0l6wzht.jpg
This was an extremely easy victory over a generally versatile and potent team.

For this conquest, I tried to choose those cards which give me extra offense and crit damage. There are some which add turn meter too, but for my CLS, offense and crit damage are the best choice. Try to get these cards, so your first shot with Han, Chewie, and Chewpio destroy at least 1 toon from the opposing team.

My mods:

CLS: Offense and Health set, Speed, Offense, Offense primaries.
Han, Chewie: Crit Chance and Damage. Chewie uses Speed primary while Han has Offense. Offense is better for Han, I think, because he shots first, and instead of speed, I can beef his first shot with more offense.
C3PO: Speed and Health. Speed and Health/Defense, Health/Defense. Whatever you prefer, make C3PO extremely fast and tough.
Chewpio: Crit Ch and Dam. Pack as much damage to him as possible. Offense or Crit Dam sets are good, whatever you have, apply the better sets.

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    Yeah, you forgot to include what disks you used. Also cls is pretty much a hard counter to bad batch.

    But good job


    Also, that’s on normal, not hard, so your not under geared at g12 at all.
  • Hello. You are right in a sense that G12 is okey-ish. Though Chewpio is only 5* and G11..that is pretty undergeared, and also, the opponents are all reliced, so in this sense, it is undergeared too. I speak about my disks in the video... but you are right, i did not write about them. I used the "Power" disks that give crit dam and offense, some of the disks that give TM if enemy falls below 100% health, disks that give percentage healing when you attack out of turn (which is quite a good mechanism for CLS) and some disks that give offense if the enemy falls below 100% health. Thanks for commenting btw.
  • Xcien
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    You are on normal mode, so as Damodamo has pointed out, your team isn’t undergeared. Also, what disks did you have equipped?
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Half of the feats this conquest were for a CLS team, with only a few changes to the lineup along the way.

    Inflict blind, gain evasion up, unaligned force user kills, remove tm, continuous crits, gain advantage, attack or of turn, no tanks, no supports, all attackers, inflict stun, gain stealth.

    Plus han and chewy can carry a smuggler team, with good data disks.
  • Xcien wrote: »
    You are on normal mode, so as Damodamo has pointed out, your team isn’t undergeared. Also, what disks did you have equipped?

    Okey, I was not aware then that a toon with 5* and G11, is geared for Normal Conquest :) I accept though I do not know if other teams were able to reach Sector 4 halfway with such gears. I will see later, when I will have more good teams.

    My disks: Power, Ruthless Swiftness, Opportunistic Support 2, Ruthless Offense, Power, Ruthless Offense, Weak Point, Power.

    Thanks for the comments. I hope that for the new conquest I will be able to have at least one more team to experiment with,
  • By the way, is there anyone out there who knows why this discussion had been put into the 'Art and Media' topic? It is not art and not media...it is Galactic Conquest... this happened before too...a moderator may give me an answer for moving the discussion from the designated topic to such an out-of-the-reach realm...
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    A video guide is media..
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