Purchase declined


Anyone else having an issue buying pack using Google play credits or gift cards?


  • Kyno
    31980 posts Moderator
    Are you in the US? Are you using a VPN service?

    This is not likely a in game issue, as much as it is connected to Google, as they are the ones processing your purchase.
  • Buffems
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    edited October 5
    Yes, I'm in the US.
    I'm sure it's a Google play issue. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.
    I've submitted a ticket to both CG and Google.
    I hope the issue is resolved soon.
    Nearly all packs are on a timer.
  • Kyno
    31980 posts Moderator
    Got it, yes Google seems like the better bet for resolving an issue like this. Good luck.
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