War matchmaking fixed?

The first round since the TWar update seemed good. We were set against a guild with nearly the same GL's. This round we are outnumbered more than 2:1 (25 vs 57). I know they indicated that "winning" had something to do with it so possibly us having won the last round impacted it but still seems a bit skewed.

Anyone else noticing similar this round?


  • Zonder
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    edited October 2021
    yes. our enemies also have double our gls. i should mention that they are a 314m gp guild that made it to 240-260 bracket so not all their gls joined.
  • Our opponent is just over 260 and we are in the 240-260 bracket so they probably didn't have a few join but the overall numbers would still most likely be skewed quite heavily.
  • update : we got completely wrecked
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