Back to the game after a while, help

I have played this game again and I ask if according to my roster, it is more viable to go for the best non gl team GAS or to go directly to SEE, I say it because I like GAS a lot but I want to optimize the best possible, thank you I leave my link


  • You need GLs, otherwise you won't be able to compete cause now everyone has at least one, and it's nearly impossible to beat a GL without one.
    So I would focus on the GL that will give you the best teams by building it
    SEE has the easiest requirements I believe

    Good luck
  • You're a ways away from GAS, but if that's what you love, then do it.
    No hesitation. This is a game, after all. Why not do what's fun for you? Too many people get carried away trying to be "the best" or do things the most efficient way possible.
    On the other hand, if being as competitive as possible is what is most fun for you, do that and grind for a GL. But it seems like you'd rather get General Skywalker.
  • Thanks guys, I really feel that, I want to have fun and I will do more with GAS, is what I will do then, I do not want to play without fun even if it is not so competitive, at the end of the day you never know when this game will close and I will have fun until last day
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