Malevolence Bonus Drops



  • 93 shards from free crystal refreshes (not even all - used a few for snorequest) - thanks CG. This was nice
  • I ended up with 101 shards on 3 50 and 3 100 crystal refreshes each day except first day when I did only the 50s. I don't think that is the 4% rate I was hearing about but free shards are still free and will save months of GET2 farming.
  • We give a lot of grief (rightfully so) for mistakes, but the Malevolence bonus drops were really nice. Saved literal months of TBs to get mine to 7*. Thanks CG, nailed it this time 👍
  • I also appreciated it I farmed enough to get 135 I got 10 more from my LSTB GET 2 currency so I went from 0 to unlocked in a week I also got about 150 Kyro in the process
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