Maul uses outside of Lord Vader

Myself. Like many I would imagine will be unlocking Maul after the upcoming conquest unless something goes wrong.

However I'm quite a way off Lord Vader which leaves Maul in the doldrums.

Or does it?

I'll be making use of his mandalorian synergy and I'm considering his team.

Maul lead
Bo Katan

With maul taking up to 5 turns on the spin plus calling to assist. Plus that 25% offence BAMs birds are going to do some serious work and get up to 20 stacks easily (particularly with canderous).

I've found no use for Bo Katan and her kit is meh but she adds some survivability to the team at the minimum.

Armorer should be able to stack beskar often particularly when maul is calling her to assist on an armor shred target.

Sabines relevance would be to assist spreading armor shred more for those extra ignots.

All in all it seems like a juicy team on paper.

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