T5 Impossible Help Pls

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Hey guys i need your help!
I am on the road to get General Skywalker so i need a 7* C3PO (All other chars for the 2nd encounter are ready). I farmed and leveled Ewoks (apparently the wrong ones as i found out later) to about the reccomended power for the last encounter (it says 16500 i have Chirpa on 17800 G12, Paploo on 16400 G11, Elder on 16400 G12, Teebo on 16300 G11 and Scout on 16200 G11). Now if i had problems on 7* i wouldnt wonder but its impossible to win the 5* encounter. Am i doing something very wrong?
I am new here so please tell me what information you need to know.
Sorry for the bad english.


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