Come get Wat shards and get closer to clearing CPIT!

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Need Wat shards and want to move closer to clearing CPIT? Then come join Wookie Insights today!

What We Offer You
💥 25-30 Wat shards
💥 A couple KAM shards
💥 25-26⭐ in DS Geo TB, 11⭐ in LS Geo TB
💥 Over 2 dozen GLs as a guild
💥 Getting closer to clearing CPIT (we get comfortably into Phase 3 of CPIT)
💥 US and Europe-friendly times for all raids
💥 225+ million GP
💥 85% win rate in TW
💥 Fun, very active community (been together 2+ years)
💥 Independent guild, no big alliance oversight
💥 Competitively casual, won't force you into anything
💥 Discord:
💥 More details:

What We are Looking For
🔷 Minimum of 3 million GP
🔷 Already have 1 GL and are working towards a 2nd or are working hard towards a 1st GL and need a more active guild to help get you there
🔷 If no GL, then you need Wat-ready Geos and/or a Shaak Ti clone trooper squad/Padme squad that can be used in CPIT
🔷 Good attitude and willingness to at least deploy in TBs and TWs

If you need Wat shards, want help farming for GLs, and want to be part of a fun, active guild, come join Wookie Insights today!

Message me on Discord for more details! My username is nosecomplaint#1359
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