Bounty Hunters Part 1 & 2 (My New and my Reworked Versions) by Fett_Kenobi80

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Name : Quinlan Vos

Image : gxrpmbx7lhpl.png

Tags : Light Side, Support (AGI), Leader, Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel, Jedi

Description : A Great Support Jedi, but a Better Bounty Hunter who works well with Asajj Ventress (Bounty Hunter), and has great unblockable moves, as well as gets better with debuffs on everyone.


Basic : Lightsaber n' Shots - Omega - Level 8
Description : Deal Physical Damage to target enemy twice. This attack has a 50% chance to stun the target and a 50% chance to inflict Evasion Down for 2 turns. This move can't be resisted.

Special 1 : Psychometry - Zeta - Level 8 - Cooldown turns 4

Without Zeta :
Inflict 2 DOTs and Critical Damage Down on all allies and enemies for 3 turns.

With Zeta :
Inflict 3 DOTs and Critical Damage Down on all allies for 3 turns and inflict 3 DOTs, Critical Damage Down, Critical Chance Down and Potency Down for 4 turns on all enemies.

Special 2 : Let's Finish Them! -Omega - Level 8 - Cooldown turns 5
Remove all debuffs on all Bounty Hunter allies and call all Bounty Hunters to assist, dealing 10% more damage. Bounty Hunters gain offense up and defense down for 2 turns at the end on this move.

Leader : The Wonder of the Force - Zeta - Level 8

Without Zeta :
All Bounty Hunters gain 2% more offense for every buff they and the enemies have and 2% more defense for every debuff they and the enemies have. All allies gain 5% Tenacity against enemy debuffs.

Using Bounty Hunters, grant your allies a debuff a total of 15 times.

REWARD : Every time an ally or this character gains a debuff (does not matter how many debuffs), gain 1% Accuracy stacking (cap of 40%).

With Zeta :
All Bounty Hunters gain 4% more offense for every buff they and the enemy have and 4% more defense for every debuff they and the enemies have. Allies gain 10% Tenacity against enemy debuffs.

CONTRACT : Using Bounty Hunters, grant your allies a debuff a total of 10 times.

REWARD : Every time an ally or this character gains a debuff (does not matter how many debuffs), gain 1% Accuracy stacking (cap of 60%).

Unique : I'll follow Asajj - Omega - Level 8
Quinlin Vos gains 15% Counter Chance and 5% Evasion, both increased by 3% for every debuff, with a cap of 100%. These affects are shared with Asajj Ventress (Bounty Hunter) if both units are active.

Payout - Quinlin Vos's Payout - Omega - Level 3
Quinlin Vos gains stealth for two turns at the end of every other turn and whenever stealth expires he gains foresight for 2 turns.

Name : Asajj Ventress (Bounty Hunter)

Image : pebo7a4jzy0w.png

Tags : Neutrel, Tank(STR), Leader, Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel

Description : A great Tank Bounty Hunter with her partner Quinlin Vos, she has powerful regenerative powers, and gains different powers depending on what she's facing.


Basic : Double Lightsaber Strike - Omega - Level 8
Deal Physical Damge twice to target opponent and recover 10% health and 15% protection. If the target had no buffs or debuffs, gain Health Up for 2 turn. If the target has buffs and and debuffs, gain defense up for 2 turns. If the target has Buffs and no debuffs, gain Offense up for 2 turns. If the Target has debuffs and no buffs, gain accuracy up for 2 turns.

Special 1 : Force Flurry - Omega - Level 8 - Cooldown turns 3
Deal special damage to all enemies and gain taunt for 3 turns. If the target was dark side, recover 20% Health. If the target was light side recover 20% protection. If the target was neutrel recover 10% health and protection.

Special 2 : "Too Powerful for Anyone to Fight Alone" - Zeta - Level 8 - Cooldown turns (6 without zeta) (5 with zeta)

Without Zeta :
Deal special damage 3 times to target enemy and gain taunt and debuff immunity* for 3 turns.

With Zeta :
Deal special damage 5 times to target enemy and gain taunt and debuff immunity* for 3 turns. If the target was a sith, deal 15% more damage and gain foresight. If the target was a jedi, deal 15% less damage and gain offense up, critical chance up and counter chance for 3 turns. If the target was neither, extend the debuff immunity by 2 turns.

Special 3 : The Power of Willpower - Omega - Level 8 - Cooldown turns 4
Recover 30% health and 65% Protection. Gain Tenacity Up, Health Recharge (10%), Protection Recharge (15%) and Protection Up (30%) for 3 turns.

Leader : Hatred turns into Power - Omega - Level 8
Neutrel and Bounty Hunter allies gain 25% offense and neutrel allies gain lifesteal for one turn at the beginning of their turn. Bounty Hunters gain Speed Up for one turn at the beginning of their turn.

CONTRACT : Using Bounty Hunters, deal damage to light or dark side enemies with the opposite (light attacks dark, dark attacks light, dark does not attack dark and light does not attack light) 15 times.

REWARD : All Payouts are activated. Bounty Hunter recover 3% health and 6% protection at the end of every turn.

Unique : I'll Follow Quinlin - Omega - Level 8
Assaj Ventress (Bounty Hunter) Gains 10% Offense and 5% Lifesteal, both increased by 5% for every active dark or light side unit on both teams, with a cap of 100%. These effects are shared with Quinlin Vos is both units are active.

Payout - Assaj Ventress's Payout - Omega - Level 3
Assaj gains 25% Lifesteal, 5% Evasion and deals 30% more damage against jedi and sith and 50% less damage against non-jedi and non-sith units.

Thank you for reading the first two of my Original Bounty Hunters, Quinlin Vos and Assaj Ventress, who work well as a tag team, similar to Chaze or Zaalbar and Mission.

Please tell me of any spelling mistakes, wrong slang, improvement or nerfs I should do to the units, or any other problem with these two charecters.

*Debuff Immunity : Made up buff : Makes it so any debuff expires instantly upon placement. Damage over time is the only debuff to still work, along with debuffs like ferocity. Buff unique to Asajj.

goodbye my friends,

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  • Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this
  • Xcien
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    Quinlan Vos’ First Special is too OP, even more so with the zeta.

    His second special is too OP as well, with the dealing damage through Damage Immunity.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • Both specials have been nerfed, but not all the way you asked. the going through damage immunity is something I wanted to do, because jango fett and droidkia, to name two, are really annoying to face, because you can beat them, but can't hit them. This is the ONE solution. Something Unique
  • Note : I looked over both characters and added small nerfs and buffs, now feel more balanced. By the end of the requests, these units should feel powerful but not unbalanced. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Xcien
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    Asajj was never a Sith. Also, there’s still the issue with going through Damage Immunity. The point of having Damage Immunity is to be immune to damage, which I feel Vos’ second special still negates. I understand you wanted something unique, but that doesn’t mean it has to be OP. Also, every other instant-damage ability has a 8 turn cooldown (to start with, at least), yet Asajj’s second special has a 6-turn cooldown. Also, why does Asajj’s Basic and First Special increase her own cooldowns? Did you mean the enemies’ cooldowns?
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • 1 : She was a Sith Assasin taught by Count Dooku and incredible power in the dark side of the force, so I classify her as a sith and gives sith bonuses.

    2 : I will nerf it soon, don't worry

    3 : It makes it so her Basic lets her only use her basic once more, or her first special makes it go into basic into basic, or finally (This is the big one) = The second special onto first special into basic into basic for insane crazy stuff.

    This is my Response, thank you for your help.

    Soon it shall be balanced.

  • Nerfed so zeta only adds a turn and takes off go through damage immunity without zeta
  • Removed notes for zetas too
  • Also should I rework Zam Wesell or Make a Princess Leia in disgiuse as a bounty hunter.

    you can probably tell that I like bounty hunters, right?
  • Ichiraikou
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    I really like the idea of these 2 coming to the game, but not like this. I don't like these versions of them at all. Complexity for the sake of complexity and power for the sake of power seem to be the taglines for these 2. Seriously, does the word "balance" even exist in your dictionary? Normally I give advice after the feedback, but this time I'd like to start with a bit of advice I've given quite a few times on this for already: There is a lot of power and value in simplicity. You don't have to make everything super complex and/or do a lot, as that often just makes designing and balancing more difficult.

    Before I get into the kit's themselves thou, I'd like to address soemthing else. Asajj (you also spelled her name incorrectly btw) is not a Sith. At least this version of her is not. It's true that she was a Sith Assassin for Dooku, so I can see why people say the version of her we got in the game right now should be a Sith (since that one has the Separatist tag). However, once Dooku betrayed/abandoned her, she abandoned that path entirely. In fact, while she was a bounty hunter, especially after meeting Quinlan Vos, her arc was all about returning to the light. So you could even make the argument that this version of her shouldn't be Dark Side. But that's another debate entirely. At the very least, this version of her is definitely not a Sith.

    Now onto the kit's themselves. I'll be putting the feedback in spoiler tags to make it easier to read.

    Quinlan Vos:
    I'll start with the basic. For that I need to answer a question first: If someone asked me what the 5 most powerful debuffs in the game where I'd say: Stun, Fear, Shock, Vulnerable, and Daze. Are you seeing the problem with the basic? It's got 2 of the most powerful debuffs on it, on top of 3 other debuffs, and it can't be resisted. Seriously, Galactic Legends have basic ability's less powerful than this one.
    Then there's his first special. For starters, it's got Vulnerable for 3 turns, with a possibility for 4 turns, on a 4 turn cooldown.... Even Jedi Knight Luke has vulnerable for 2 turns on a 5 turn cooldown, and for a good reason. On top of that it inflicts 5 DOT's, Blind (which is in the top 10 most powerful debuffs), Expose and defense down, and it can't be evaded or resisted. Again, Galactic Legends have special abilities less powerful than this one.
    Then there's the second special, which has a pretty interesting concept: Ignoring Damage Immunity. That's actually rely interesting and unique. I don't exactly know why he would but it's a good concept. If that was all it did. Unfortunately Ignoring one of the most powerful buffs in the game wasn't enough by itself apparently. He needed to do it with his broken basic ability, his allies needed to ignore it as well, all of them needed to do more damage, and all of them needed to ignore Leader and unique abilities (whatever that means exactly). This all pushes it into the broken category, even thou just him ignoring damage immunity would have been more than enough.
    Next the lead, because yes, that one is also too powerful. 50% Crit Chance and 70% Crit Damage for all allies is really powerful. First of all, even SLKR has only 50% Crit Damage for his allies. Yes his lead also gives Crit Damage up, but that's only for attackers and is a buff, meaning it can be prevented, copied and dispelled. Here it's 70% flat with no strings attached. Also, 50% Crit Chance is probably one of the highest amount in the game. Yes, there's Darth Revan's lead. But that one does need debuffs, and thus has this high offense balanced out with low defense. Plus the Crit Damage requires all allies to be Sith Empire. This all limits and balances them. This lead here is basically all the strengths from Darth Revan, without any of the detriments. Needless to say, that's really broken. On top of that the contract has nothing to do with critical hits despite the high critical focus of the lead, which feels out of place. Then finally there the "every turn" and "every other turn" parts. Both of there have 4 different things they could mean, one of which is so fast, that they might as well just be permanent bonusses. But yeah, at the very least those are confusing.
    Then there's the uniques. First of all, trough his unique, his payout, and his mastery, he can essentially have 230% Evasion. While he also inflicts Blind, and can gain Foresight....Please tell me you see the problem with that. The foresight is especially useless, since he gains it for 1 turn at the start of his turn. Which means he gains it at the start of his turn, and then it expires at the end of that turn, since it has been his turn. Since he also gains Stealth, which prevents counterattacks, that Foresight will never be used. Literally. He also can gain 100% Counter Chance (while his basic is.... Well you know by now), Defense, and Tenacity. Which is just the cherry on top of everything else. Not as bad as the rest, but it does stack with it all.

    Asajj Ventress (Bounty Hunter):
    Asajj is, honestly much of the same as Quinlan. Except she's less "power for the sake of Power" and more "Complex for the sake of complex". Seriously, what does "on this move" even mean? or even "use moves after this one"? is she supposed to take many turns or use multiple abilities during the same turn? Her basic is really confusing about how the turn meter gain and cooldown decrease work, especially when considering attacking out of turn.
    But to be fair, I don't like the multiple turn thing to begin with. For one, it's done by other characters much better. Of course there's maul, but another one that does it really well is (ironically) the only other Bounty Hunter tank: Bossk. He uses Frenzy to gain multiple turns quickly, and it works much better for him than it does for Asajj here. Having both Bounty Hunter tanks have a similar concept like that is something I'm not a fan of to begin with, thou that is a me problem I'll admit.
    Next I want to talk about her offense, she can gain 100% from each of her uniques, 50% from her lead, and 50% from offense up. So 300% in total. That's an amount that makes SLKR jealous. Then there's the instant defeat ability, which also deals massive damage. Nether of which is based on Offense. Finally there is the 5 turn taunt....Which is the longest, and weakest taunt in the entire game. (Seriously, why is she a Tank?) This is ultimately what bothers me the most about these kits, Asajj in particular. So many broken effects are thrown on top of each other, that there's basically no identity left. Seriously, who is she? Is she the tank that draws enemy fire to protect her team (Like bossk) ? Is she the attacker using massive offense to take enemies down (like SLKR), is she the instant takedown meant to setup that one perfect kill (like bounty hunter mando). What is her role? What is her focus? What is her character? What is her identity?
    Her Taunt ability allows her to recover health and protection, despite her being able to gain 150% Health steal in total, making it unclear whether she's supposed to be an offensive or defensive survivor. She gains offense, while also dealing massive damage and instantly destroying enemies, making it unclear wither she's supposed to be a high damage dealer or a instant defeater. These also apply to Quinlan, thou to a lesser extend since he does mostly focus on debuffs (except for his ignore damage immunity special, so even there it's unclear).
    Her kit is so out of focus, I don't even know in which order to go trough it, or what parts need to be fixed. Which is why this feedback has been kind of out of whack. Sorry for that. I'll just end it with an example. I myself made a kit for Bounty Hunter Asajj a while ago, it's simple, yet strong. So I'd like you to look at it, and see what you think of it. You can find it here:
    (P.s. before I forget, her lead is actually surprisingly balanced, ignoring the entire Sith and the additional Offense from her uniques anyway. Only thing is that again, Speed Up for 1 turn at start of turn, expires at the end of the same turn and is therefore practically useless. Also I do wonder how practical the contract is. I feel like that one might be rally difficult to complete, especially since I don't think Health Steal will count towards it.)
    Well, that's my feedback. I do apologies since it was quite negative. But if I didn't think there was potential, I wouldn't be posting at all. So I do hope it helps you, even if I didn't like them. I also hope some version of them comes into the game one day. So good luck, and I do hope my feedback-turned-rambling helps you out.
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  • @Ichiraikou,
    Thank you. I see all these amazing, complicated kinda broken kits and wanted to make my own. I think I'm going to do a BIG change to these characters and keep their best parts while making them unique, but simplistic as you said. How about Asajj being a evasive tank who gives anti sith and anti jedi moves. Or Quinlin being a support that fully ignores certain defenses and grants this ability to his allies (only sometimes though) and becomes stronger through debuffs on his enemies AND his allies. Overall, thank you. I will fix this soon and some amazing characters (hopefully).

  • (I'll scrap the asajj multiple turn thing as no one gets it)
  • Quinlin Vos is now fixed to be cool and balanced, Assaj tomorrow or the next day.
  • Sorry if second special covers up everything else you have to click on the show and scroll down to see the others. I am just waiting for the forums to approve my change. Does anyone know why?
  • Wow already approved. Also Quinlin does not do much against Damage Immunity, as I figured out that the impenetrable defense should probably not be penertrated.
  • Asajj completed
  • All done please let me know about any changes you want
  • Part 3 and 4 have been done for a while now but not showing up. These are the charecters :
    Aurra Sing (Reworked) and Hondo Ohnaka
  • Part 3 and 4 have been done for a while now but not showing up. These are the charecters :
    Aurra Sing (Reworked) and Hondo Ohnaka

    PM Kyno. It has probably gone through spam filter if it’s very long.
    My discord - BabyYoda#4470 My -
  • Yes it is quite long. I will message Kyno. Thank you
  • Also what is PM
  • I just messaged him because I assume that is what you mean
  • Also what is PM

    Private message. Sometimes people say DM (direct message)
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  • Ah, I see. Thank you, and goodbye
  • Part 5 out now also, it is Greedo (REWORKED).
  • Xcien
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    You know you don’t have to bump all your other kit threads to announce the arrival of a new one, right? Just add a link to the old kits in the new one instead.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • okay
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