Han's Millennium Falcon kit tweak

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edited October 2021
Could the possibility of changing HMF's basic be considered? I'm thinking:

"If there is an active Rebel ally or Capital Ship, dispel all buffs on target enemy."

Losing Home One to Executor is tough, but having 4/5 ships vs a single UNKILLABLE Hound's Tooth is... I'm lost for words. No ships, given the sheer lack of options when it comes to ships, should enter a state where it is completely unkillable thanks to never ending stacking bonus protection. I found myself in a literal 4 vs 1. Executor was out of reinforcements. I had HMF, Rebel YW, Wedge and Cassian's. Each attack just fed more and more protection into HT.

Rebels already get called out enough in Executor's kit - I'm fine with this. But the above situation just shouldn't happen.

The above change will keep it relevant to Rebel only fleets.


  • Or maybe change it to checking the capital ship at the begin of the battle and if it is Rebel, HMF can dispell buff in the encounter
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