Friendly Canadians

Hey, I'm an officer in a guild called Friendly Canadians. If you are interested in the friendliest guild in SWGOH, we may have a place for you!

We are an active casual guild. We don’t have a ticket requirement and if you will be out for a few days we only ask for a heads up. We have a great community full of vets that enjoy helping others.

Current Stats and goals
* 201m GP (2 vacancies)
* DS Geo TB 23 Stars (minimum 20 Wat Shards per attempt, but more every time)
* LS Geo TB 7 Stars (Roughly 4 KAM Shards per attempt)
* Strong Record in TW
* All Heroic Raids Cleared
* All players are gearing up for CPit
* All players working on Wat Geo teams

Raid Times:
* Sim Rancor and HAAT: 12pm (Noon) EST
* HSTR 9pm EST
* CPit 4pm EST

What We Are Looking For:
* Minimum 2M GP (lower GP may be accepted if you have a strong roster)
* Geo team for the Wat Mission in Geo TB

We have a non-mandatory discord channel. We use it to keep up with new updates, talk about the game or our lives, and plan for events.

My ally code is: 623-469-355. Feel free to message me here or in game if you are interested or want more info
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