GAS/501st damage in LSTB P4

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Didn't think to grab screenshots of it, but I noticed today that GAS and the 501st were doing next to no damage during P4 of LSTB. 3k-6k on crits from the clones, and GAS himself was only hitting for about 10k on crits, even on weaker toons like Geos or Battle Droids. Is there a bug or something that's giving insanely high armor to units? I didn't notice this with any other factions.
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    For reference, all Clones were Relic 7, and ARC and Echo were modded for high damage (10k+ offense on ARC and 10.5k+ special damage on Echo). GAS was Relic 8.
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    Noticed the same. Figured it was WAI.
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    I noticed the same but still got 4/4. It is possible I never paid attention before but it seemed low. 8k dmg was common
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    I recorded my run. 40k vs Brute , 9k vs Poggle. I can only assume it's massive armor on poggle and brute is a tank so GS new bonus damage kicks in.
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    Wasn't it JKL that gained a bonus versus tanks, not GAS?
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