Barris heal-Kylo turn reset glitch & pvp-friend glitch?

Austin wrote: »
Not sure if this is intended, but if it is it should be removed. Whenever barris uses her heal, it somehow counts as an attack against Kylo if he loses health in the heal. And if you save him for last like I do, this ends up resetting his aoe when you don't even attack him.

I originally posted this in the characters subforum to see if this was a problem others were having before deciding to post it here. Additionally I have found another possible bug. Today as I was doing arena, I noticed one of my friends that I had fought before in arena. But after the first time I fought him, I thought that since we were friends we wouldn't have the option to fight each other again. When I saw him in the arena, I rechecked my friends list to make sure he was still on there, and sure enough, he was. If this is not a bug, if I were you, I would make it more clear that adding someone you encounter in Pvp won't take away the option of fighting them later; otherwise I would add many more people from arena to my friends list.
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