Worth it ?

Hey all,so i was going for SEE then changed my plan to go for JML first . I m at 95/100 on wampa and i just finished malak 7* so i was thinking its a good time as i m at 80/330 on hoda and with recent nerfs on SEE i dont really want him as first GL . I just noticed i m really close to GAS actually as i m farming wicket and going to unlock 3cpo anyway . Is it worthy to go for GAS or will slow me down way too much for JML as get 1 will be slow for GAS and hoda after ....My guild is not doing crancor yet .


  • LordGrahck
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    Continue with JML.

    I agree that SEE wouldn't make for a good first GL, despite being easier to get. JML will do more than just get you JML. In order to get there, you need to develope CLS, JKL, MM, and JTR. Meaning, you'll be gaining four or more top teams in addition to getting JML. I'm in the home stretch to getting JML as my first GL. I have to get MM and 3Bacca to relics, and then I'll be doing the JML missions.

    As for GAS, you can easily start farming GAS when you get done with JML.
  • Yeah I would go for JML first then circle back for GAS. It will delay too much trying to do GAS first, since you will also want to relic all your clones, plus it will burn all your GET1 that you will need for Hoda & Wampa.
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