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Besides a resistance team is there another team she can be useful in? Or is there an unorthodox group of toons that work well with her? For example is there a group of unaligned force user's that works well with JTR?


  • crzydroid
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    There are some really niche uses where you can plug her in, as her Mastery includes evasion, and she's a tank so Wat can make her taunt. So in situations where you can increase Mastery, she can be forced to taunt and dodge a lot. I've done this in (old format) Conquest to get 77/100 fleet footed in one battle. Very rarely in GAC if you need an extra tank you could make use of this. Under Rey (or I suppose JMK) she can become unkillable in raids or TB.

    But mostly she is leading Resistance teams.
  • Ok. Thanks for the tips.
  • LordGrahck
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    Back before the Grevious Rework, she was called "The Queen of Droids". At the time, the best droid team had her as a lead with BB8. I forgot the details of the team, but I do know she has droid synergy through BB8.
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