LV and RG: calculating max health. order of operations

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Can anyone shed any light how each of these are calculated and in what order?

Having a debate - is it better to stack health or prot primaries on RG.

-LV lead grants 15% health (doubled empire)
-LV lead converts prot to health
-RG unique adds 5% max health of the leaders (before or after conversion?)
-RG unique doubles his max health.

So when does this all happen and In what order?
If prot is converted first- then it’s highly beneficial to stack protection.

If it’s converted after all the max health has been applied (lv lead, RG unique 5% and doubling. ) then health primaries are better.

Suppose will have to test in arena and have malak drain life. Test it with a health guild and a prot build and see which is higher.

Or @doja-fett able to shed any light :)

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