Who's applied for barriss pack refund?



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    TheVinegru wrote: »
    I'll make this very very simple. You were complaining that people shouldn't be able to get a refund and keep their toon. When the guy you were arguing with said he was fine with that, you then changed your argument to, then you'll get banned...

    Learn how to comprehend then come back please.

    Go back and read your own comments. You started off saying people shouldn't get refunds while they keep their Bariss....
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    **** wrote: »
    I understand both sides of the argument. I understand people possibly wanting a refund. I will have to agree with a lot of what Retunoftheewok said tho. Barris is still a great character who is an asset to any team. If refunds do occur (which I believe are unnecessary) the characters should be removed from those players inventory. When you get into returning crystals and droids for leveling Barris up then that's when this conversation gets ridiculous.

    Exactly, only pay to win players will think I'm trolling or unreasonable. Anyone who does not have some sort of bias will agree with me.

    I don't agree with you and I'm f2p without a barriss, I couldn't care less about the nerf either way :p yet still don't agree with you.

    So you think that Barriss users should get a complete refund with 500 shards after reaping the benefits in a character is still viable because 1 character got nerfed out of 4+, oh and keep all of those characters. I have a hard time believing you're f2p.

    Lol so because a fellow f2p doesn't agree with you, that makes them a p2w in disguise? Ok then ;).

    So do you agree with what I've said then. I just find it hard to believe anyone would agree that after they reaped the benefits they deserve a complete refund+500 shards+being able to keep everything they purchased.
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