Finally beat my 7* yoda, Anakin lead team

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First off I would like to thank RNGesus for finally coming through on the 40 something attempt.
I was able to win with Anakin lead, qgj, Ahsoka, lumi, and JC. Yoda had Ahsoka and Anakin.

To all the people still trying don't give up hope.


  • Still one 7* Jedi short... Next time I hope!
    Use the force Luke.... and get rid of that stupid musket.
  • Anakin was the key, and he was the biggest difference-maker in my experience.

    Also worth adding that I did it by ignoring both accompanying Jedi and simply focused on Yoda, so for those still yet to accomplish it, give it a shot. The Jedi adds are pests at best, with very little damage and unless one of them is Barriss (only time you might want to attack prior to Yoda) you still shouldn't even bother with healers.

    While their damage is low, their health really isn't so their objective is simply to distract your attention from Yoda.

    Yoda gets far too many turns with his speed and dishes out too much damage not to prioritize.

    Also, if your plan is to "turtle" (heal as much as possible) - you tend to shoot yourself in the foot by keeping your team above 50% health, since every time Yoda uses his basic on a unit above 50%, he picks up plenty of bonus turn-meter.

    Lastly, I've heard many people state that you should never use anything that debuffs Yoda since it gives him bonus turn-meter when he resists (fair enough). BUT unless Yoda has tenacity up, you should always be trying to debuff him since his tenacity value in the challenge is actually quite low, and throwing debuffs on him, namely from Anakin's basic (where buff immunity debuff is HUGE), is pretty much the way to go.

    Personally, I never witnessed Yoda resist any debuff unless he had tenacity up (which automatically resists everything that happens to debuff, making Ima a poor choice to use his basic on Yoda). Ability block is huge, and Anakin picking up turn-meter in addition to offense up when allies die helps significantly.
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