Creators vs Devs Speed GAC Event Details and Where to Watch

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are very excited for Tuesday's big event - the Creators vs Devs Speed Grand Arena Challenge!

Eight teams featuring members of the community and devs will face off in a custom Grand Arena Event.
Each creator will livestream the event from their point of view so you can follow the action. We'll also have a video out at a later date recapping all the fury, shenanigans, mistakes, and moments of glory, featuring color commentary by Doja Fett and the folks over at The Escape Pod cast.

Be sure to tune in Tuesday around 3:45pm PT to see how the matchups play out and who emerges as the champion!

Each team will be provided an identical maxed-out roster with the same mods. They are allowed to move mods around, but they are not allowed to purchase new mods, or slice existing mods. How they mod characters, set Defenses, attack on Offense, and manage their time will decide who wins and who loses!

The rosters are listed below, as well as links to their respective livestreams (where available):
  • Dev Team 1: Crumb and Loki
  • Dev Team 2: CrazyExcuses and Mouse
  • Dev Team 3: Nivmett and Exceptions
  • Bounty Hunnies: K8Gaming_ and Llama
  • CubsFanHan: CubsFanHan and Gridan_
  • GambitPodcast: Xaereth and Solobass15
  • Operation_Metaverse: GoodOlMaurice and TMoney
  • Reality Skewed Gamers: Ranger and Hynesy

Here are the links:

Bounty Hunnies:




Reality Skewed Gamers (streaming on Hynesy's channel):

Best of luck...and see you on the Holotables!
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