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  • Oh yeah please fix this, very annoying!
  • Hahaha sad but maybe true, good one!
  • I think it ultimately boils down to this:

    If i can do something now that I could not do before, it feels good. Like... Jumping again and again in with GMY. Things like this might be broken, but still need a really careful adressing, bc they represent something new.

    If I cannot do something that I used to be able to do before, then it feels horrible. Like... Not being able to land a debuff. Like not being able to oneshot a character I oneshot yesterday. This goes to the nerfs, and to the TB-s at the same time. DD oneshotting an r8 tank with 3-4 stacks only and things like that.

    In every single conquest I get the feeling that I have less and less options. in C10 i need to give up my freedom of choice of opponents OR I get to choose from half the disks.

    I had to choose between disks and shards (supposedly adressed).

    I am not sure on this, but the variety of disks felt like an alltime low. Maybe technically incorrect, but felt that way.

    We definitely lost control over the battle openings. If I am not mistaken, we have the Voluntary Vanguard, to give us some level of control, and you can go with debuffs + ability exhaust disks to gain some control but it is still less than what we used to have.

    The margin of error was decreased from 35 to 32, while the feats basically remained the same value, so while this is not fate-deciding, still our options were reduced here.

    Conquest is so long now that without crystal refresh you simply dont get to fight the final boss of sector 5. Technically not p2p, but smells like p2p. I daresay it is close enough for me.

    The only positive thing about C10 that comes to my mind is the free samples of stims and the increased currency inflow, but I fulle expect them to be gone sooner or later. Oh, and the boss feats were somewhat creative, not all of them did after my taste, but they were new and a little bit refreshing.
  • Great anniversary rewards…..🤦🏼‍♂️
  • Great anniversary rewards…..🤦🏼‍♂️

    What's wrong with them?
    Free at last
  • I bought cheaper pass and got red box, which was wasting my lifetime with no joy.
    This game isn’t an oldstyle RPG. To repeat the same battles are really trash game design.
  • LordDirt wrote: »
    Great anniversary rewards…..🤦🏼‍♂️

    What's wrong with them?
    Ignore me lol
  • Does anyone know how long the anniversary rewards last before they expire?
  • Kyno wrote: »
    What happens to the Razor Crest Shards? I went to go buy some in the Conquest Store, and it is gone. Is it moving to a node, or some place else?

    It's on a rotation with CAT.

    It will move somewhere else after it has hit the 1 year point from release.

    No it's not going to be a node, they are looking at some type of event.

    1 year from unlock or 1 year from introducing it?
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