Speed Grand Arena Creators vs Devs - TODAY


Today is THE DAY!

The Creators vs Devs Speed GAC will kick off around 3:45PM PT.

Please tune in to whichever streamer (or all of them!) you want to follow as the action unfolds.

Also, I'm excited announce that The Escape Pod cast folks and I will be covering the event live as well. You can get behind-the-scenes looks and a glimpse into the madness as try to keep up with all the shenanigans. We'll also put out a video a bit later recapping the action, and featuring interviews and commentary. So if you want to follow your favorite participant and catch up with me and TEPc folks later, you'll be able do both.

Finally, I "forgot" to include Crumb's stream link in yesterday's Speed GAC details, so here ya go, I guess.*

*It really was an honest mistake.
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