The Galactic Empire [TGE]

Greetings, Heroes! Some of you may know me. Most of you may not. However his is beside the point. With the recent mention by EA that guilds will soon be implemented, the time is nigh to join one.
And to make one.
So, without further ado, I establish the first, Galactic Empire!

All fun and games aside, TGE is currently going to just be a relaxed guild, focusing on getting more of our allies together and getting them maxed out on their teams that they've made.

Yes, like with most guilds, there are going to be a few requirements.
The first requirement will be that there can only be 35 people max (ONLY FOR NOW!). Once EA changes the number of allies a player can have, more will be accepted, but for now, we've gotta work with what we're given.
The second requirement is that you have to be creative with your teams. You don't have to be OMG NEW META strong, but please at least try to make the cogs of your mean lean fighting machine turn, if you get what I'm trying to say.
The third requirement is that you have to be willing to expand and use the incoming aspects of SW:GoH, and use some new methods and characters. It's not really so much of a requirement so much as a request. After all, out with the old, in with the new!
Now the rest of this stuff are just basic rules.

DON'T give out personal info. Do not! This is a game, and although there's no chat rooms in the game or other than the forums, I'm a strong believer in Internet safety. Personal info consists of where you live, your real life name, your family/friends' names and locations, your social security stuff, any bank info about you, etc. I don't wanna see anyone asking anything like that. If a chat gets involved, and I see this happens, I will kick you. No trial, nada.

The last thing is no drama. A particularly common rule, I'd like this to happen, despite if I seem over dramatic in this post. Drama can be either with your RL problems or rants about things in he game.

Okay, so that's that. Whoo, that was a big post. Lol. Anyway, feel free or post applications below.

Application Format:
In-Game Name:
Ally Code:
Average Time Played Per Week:
Primary/Most Used Team (by you, I'm not asking what the Meta is! :P):
Play Status (PTP or FTP):
Who is Luke's REAL father:

Aaaaaaand that's the application format. Have a good day all, and may the Force be with you! (Or the Schwartz, if you're a Spaceballs fan.)


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