Upcoming Inbox for Recent Issues

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Due to several recent issues (Galactic Challenges, Geonosis Territory Battles, and other issues) that have impacted a large number of players, we will be issuing the following items to all Level 85 players’ inboxes:
  • Guild Event Tokens x1000
  • Guild Event Tokens 2 x1500
  • Crystals x500
  • Injector Handle Salvage x5
  • MK 2 Circuit Breaker Module x5
  • Mk 2 Thermal Exchange Unit x12
  • Mk 2 Variable Resistor x8
  • Mk 2 Micro Processor x3

And, of course...
  • Clone Wars Chewbacca Shards x3

In addition to the above, we realize some players may have been affected by the Aayla Secura issue in the Geonosis Territory Battle mission in which Wat Tambor shards are earned. As such, we will also be issuing the following to players who participated in the October 23rd thru 29th Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle:
  • Wat Tambor Shards x12

Although dates could be subject to change, our goal is to provide these items to your inbox next week.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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