Rewards Adjustment Suggestion

So it seems like the further you progress in galactic challenges the more of everything you get. Which essentially rewards players with larger galactic power who have the teams/mods/gl's/etc to finish all the tiers and punishes newer players by giving them less of everything. As opposed to just giving more of everything why don't you alter the rewards given based on how far they player is able or chooses to progress. If they don't get very far you could decrease the amount of end game focused materials like omicrons and mats needed to slice mods and increase the amount of credits/gear/ship building materials/character shards. You could do vice versa for players who do well who likely don't need the things that newer players need. Perhaps you could let us see ahead of time what each box would reward and players could choose based on what they need most which one they'd like to pursue. Just an idea.


  • Kyno
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    At least part of the idea is to reward progress and development. As you develop your roster you get more, and get to the point where max rewards can be "on farm" for many events allowing a player to focus more on things they want and not always tracking off events.

    There are few situations where players interact when they have drastically different GPs, so players at different levels getting different rewards is generally ok.
  • If you want players to progress then give them rewards based on what they need most as opposed to giving huge rewards to people with huge rosters and only giving pennies on the dollar to newer players. The goal should be to help grow the game and entice new people to start playing. Perhaps if they gave players a few options on which type of crate they could go for. One could be focused on credits/ship building mats/character shards....another one could be focused on mods and mod slicing mats...and another could be on relic could do several and then have increasing rewards of that type based on how far they progress. This way you're still rewarding progress and development and players are getting the type of rewards they want most.
  • Kyno
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    They game has a pace and is a grind. Those "huge rosters" got there(at least some portion of them), through those rewards, with planning and time. I am not trying to push the "we did it the hard way, so should you" just noting that this is the process that we have in front of us and that it does work with some patience and planning.

    The rewards gained by a "huge roster" are earned by building out a roster when there was less incentive to do so. Newer players have many options to develop in specific places and get more/better rewards for the effort.

    Its and interesting idea, but they generally focus on event types dictating rewards and not selecting rewards from events. But still this is interesting.

    They are unlikely to reverse scale rewards in any way, they have made an effort to help new players get going but we will always be within the system of resource management and pinch points and hills to get over.
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