Just unlocked SEE - what now?

So my SEE has a couple of weeks (and a bunch of jedi) to kill before he gets his ult ... Tips on how to uses him in TW / GAC in the interim?

Post-nerf, is there any GL that I should be able to beat with a non-Ult SEE (R7)


  • Depends who else you have with him. A Relic DR, DBastila, and Malak will help a lot, as will Wat Tambor.

    Non-Ult SEE should be able to take out JML, and will walk over any GAS 501st team solo. But he really needs his ult a lot more than, say, Rey or JML does.
  • Dace_Prow
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    have most of the usual suspects except triumverate (DR/Bast/Malak/Wat/Gideon/piett (and a couple other troopers) at relic, along with the sith you need for unlock (Vader, Dooku, Sid, Maul, Palp) Armorer is lower gear but zetaed
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