Padmé Tier 5

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I’m building my Geo team up, just wondering what is the best strategy to beat this tier. I linked my for reference.


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    I think you can use g8-9 Geos, and I used this modding advice (for Wat Mission):
    As far as individual toons:

    GBA you want fast and tanky so it benefits both the main unit and the summoned, also helps summoning unit more often.

    Geo Soldier you want to have a lot of Critical chance, at least 85% because he gains 25% TM everytime he crits and he also gains 15% to allies (including himself). Rest goes to damage. (You get most CC from a triangle with a 12% Critical chance primary, also you get 24% if all 3 sets are CC for a total of 'free' 36%). That's a lot of TM gain considering how often he assist and all of those assists turn into crit/TM.
    Info: Geo Soldier have 39% CC at G12 + 15% bonus + 36% from mods = 90% CC. The goal now is to get some extra 10% CC secondary across remaining 6 mods or slice the triangle to 6 dot for an increase of 12% CC primary to 20% (which gives us to about 98% CC, inches away from 100%)

    Geo Spy is your damage dealer, mod him for offense or Critcal Damage/chance. Keep in mind for the 15% CC bonus Geo Soldier gives out. He remains stealthed most of the time so his survivability isn't being a great factor.

    Poggle is your AB spreader, he is also useful to clean debuffs from allies. Mod him for speed and potency. A cross can have 24% potency primary, increased to 30% when 6 dot and 15% for 1 set of potency. Poggle at G12 has 44% potency + 24% + 15% = 79%. Having him speedy with potency is good but also make him tanky as he needs to survive to land those AB. The allies are called to assist a lot so he will get his basic applied pretty often and it's important cause his basic only have an 80% chance of landing AB. Speed here is important since he can mass dispel debuffs and give offense up.
    From my experience, Poggle is quite fragile so remember to mod him properly.

    Sun Fac is your tank, mod him for all health mods with protection primaries.

    And Strat:

    Target Kenobi till Padmé uses heal special. Then use Silent Strike on Padmé. Should kill her off. Then repeat but target Anakin with the Silent Strike. Then kill off the rest. If Fishdo is there (might Judy be t6 and t7) target him after you kill Anakin.
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