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Pretty sure I’ve had 3 taunts up now, using a variety of teams. Is anyone else finding that this feat is not recognising them?
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    No, we've had several ppl beat it (with all feats)
  • Rebel fleet worked for me in one go.
  • It’s working. You can get all empire and taunt feats using Thrawn as the cap ship with Bomber, Tie Advanced, and TFP as your start with HT and Empreor shuttle as reinforcements. If you’re killing them too quickly make HT your starter and tie advanced a Reinforcement
  • It seemed a little weird, like it wasn't counting all taunts. But I compensated for that by running it a second time with Separatists. Between Sun Fac and Vulture Droids I was aboe to get the assist and taunt feats.

    You can get the "Win with no tanks" from the character battles in fleet, by the way. I didn't even realize I was doing it.
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  • I've had it work on one account and not on another - definitely something hinky going on. Another guildy had issues in GAC with the taunt feat.
  • Yeah I’ve had the same issue, it worked fine on one account and won’t work at all on the other. I’ve tried going in with all tanks and counted up 10 taunts but still not counting toward the feat.
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