Suggestion on how to make new raids that always stay fresh

CG's said no new raids because they get solved day 1. Here's an idea how to fix that, and it's actually CG's own idea. Just make them like GCs, build up a set of 10 or 15 set of conditions, give factions bonuses and drawbacks. Like Jedi have an advantage and Sith a disadvantage one time, have environmental variables, that sort of thing. You could even go in after a year and give us a new set of 10 or 15 conditions.

You might even be able to program it so there's like a set of 50 character variables and 50 environmental variables and the raid randomly selects a few to use each time so the raid's always fresh without any maintenance needed at all?

Raids are fun for guilds, it'd be great to see them return sometime.

Thanks for listening :)


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