Level 74 Light Side Missions

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so, i hit 74 tonight.

the LS missions were pretty easy, i auto'd through most of them using Barriss (L), Lumi, Aayla, Snips, QGJ. I mostly borrowed Anakin, Ima, or Poe.

the two missions of note were HM 8-A and HM 8-D.
I decided to try treating them like 7* Yoda, and just over heal them. It worked.
I ran Barriss (L), Lumi, JC, Snips, Aayla with a borrowed Poe for Dooku, and replaced Aayla with Old Ben, and borrowed Ima for Maul.
Poe got nuked on stage 3 of 8-D as intended, which gave me time to kill all of the droids, before dealing with Dooku. worked well.

Maul crit Snips for 12.5k and Barris for 9.7k on his basic. His AoE hit for about 6k i believe.

Dooku hits and counters for about 4.5k/6.3k (crit), and his lightning will hit a tank for 7.5k and everyone else for 9.2k.


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