Need help for road trip to LV and Maul

I’m doing a post to avoid polluting yours @Intimmydation . So I’m looking for the way to unlock LV and Maul without getting too lost in every way with all the characters. I have the phoenix, geo for pvp, fleet, Padmé and later wat tambor and an empire team because I didn’t know what to do. Should I finish the team getting worse or start and if so which one? Thank you for any help.


  • Hey, I'll look into this in the morning...need to familiarize myself a bit more with the LV requirements...but first thing to aim for is GAS, so there are the reqs for that to start.

    Relic 8 mats will come over time as you grow the account and get into bigger guilds, but that means you need to be targeting getting at least 2 CPIT teams up and running (GAS/Shaak Clones is 1, will look into the other reqs)
  • I stop empire to begin shaak ti squad ?

  • So just to start, posting the requirements for LV here:

    Hunter - Relic 5
    Tech - Relic 5
    Wrecker - Relic 5
    Tusken Raider - Relic 5
    Padme Amidala - Relic 8
    General Skywalker - Relic 8
    Embo - Relic 5
    CT-210408 "Echo" - Relic 7
    Echo (Bad Batch) - Relic 5
    Count Dooku - Relic 8
    Zam Wesell - Relic 7
    BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter - 7 Stars
    Grand Moff Tarkin - Relic 7
    ARC Trooper - Relic 8
    Nute Gunray - Relic 7

    In general we need to work out a plan to stabilize the account first and build good teams on the way, while at the same time considering what is needed to ultimately unlock him.

    Teams we will aim for (not in order of priority atm):
    • GAS & 501st - GAS, Echo & ARC all requirements here, but we will add Fives & Rex (who are both GR pilots as well)
    • Padme - JKA, Ahsoka, General Kenobi, Shaak Ti and C3PO - These are 6 members, but all are required to get GAS anyway. Most likely Padme should be the first "big" team you aim for. Also JKA, Ahsoka & GK are pilots for GR fleet
    • Nute & Dooku - Both can be used early on in the account with Geos until you can unlock GBA & Sun Fac and then can be used with Sep droid teams in the future. Both accessible early on
    • Bad Batch - Do not farm these characters now, just wait until they get accelerated in like 9 months. You will have time to build them then, but will be too resource intensive now. The only exception is Wrecker who you can farm on the same node as the BTL Y-Wing
    • Other characters - Tusken Raider, Embo, Zam, Tarkin.....these all can wait as there is not really a team for them....Tarkin the exception because you can use him with Empire and as a fleet commander early on

    So with all that, just going to brainstorm a bit of an order here. You're already building Geos so you have the start, and we will want to get good placement in Fleet Arena. For the guild, we will need to get you into a better guild, which I am sure we can find something 150M range doing both DS & LS Geo TB...even if you can't contribute much, if you can get 600 tickets a day and get your Geos Wat ready, you can find one.

    Team Building Order (brainstorm)
    1. Geos - You will get GBA at level 83, keep focusing on this team to bring them all to g12, with Poggle at g11+ a few pieces to reach 16.5k gp.
    2. Fleet - Keep the focus on the Geos & Vulture Droid, start farming Hyena Bomber when you can. You will use Tarkin as the fleet commander for a long while. And because we will be heavy on GR characters and pilots, I think Negotiator should be the first GET2 ship you aim for, so even if you have Malevolence shards already (how many?) I am not sure it's wise to go for it, but we can discuss.
    3. Padme - Geos will let you unlock Padme easily, and then you can add the rest of her team with GK probably taking the longest since you'll need him from guild raids. Easy to get, but in a better guild you'll get ~12 shards per week so about 7 months to get him 7*
    4. Ewoks - You will need to build them to get C3PO to go on your Padme squad, plus for the GAS event
    5. Separatists - Asaaj, B1, Magnaguard, B2, Droideka
    6. GAS & 501st clones - This will be your big milestone, probably 8-9 months away if you put the right focus and are getting top placements in Fleet and decent placements in Squad with Padme
    7. Bad Batch - By the time you are ready to farm them, they should be accelerated to double shard drops, and then you are in the home stretch just bringing everyone else up to the required relic levels, and getting those 4 needed to relic 8.
    8. Galactic Republic fleet under Negotiator - By building the above you will have a great GR fleet running JKA, Ahsoka, Fives, Rex, BTL Y wing (and Plo)

    By the time you have GAS up and running, you will need to be in a guild clearing CPIT to get r8 mats which will take you about 3 weeks to relic 8 one character, meaning 3 months of wins in CPIT to get the 4 relic 8 characters (assuming they don't add r8 mats elsewhere)

    @MasterSeedy @TheChild_eats_eggs1 let me know your thoughts on the above so we can tweak if needed. I think it's a pretty good path and actually builds some great teams along the way.

    Based on the guild we can decide if it makes sense to invest in Endurance or just wait for Negotiator (which would need to be 7* for GAS)...
  • This is a solid start, but I have a hard time visualizing any opportunities for improvement (or weaknesses in the plan, if any) without making a plan for each energy and each store. I'll work on that in the next day or two. (Just recovering from a kidney stone and Conquest is eating a lot of the time I do have)
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    This is a solid start, but I have a hard time visualizing any opportunities for improvement (or weaknesses in the plan, if any) without making a plan for each energy and each store. I'll work on that in the next day or two. (Just recovering from a kidney stone and Conquest is eating a lot of the time I do have)

    Yeah I can try to put into my spreadsheet format as well, but early on it's pretty similar to what I've done, just take out Troopers, and add a few other things. There aren't too many challenging farms getting to GAS other than the capital ship and ETA2, well except for needing access to tier 5 of fleet hard nodes for Shaak & B1.

    How I see it now is you have:
    Cantina: GBA > JKA > ARC > B2 > Paploo > Dooku
    Fleet: ETA2 > SF ship > Umbarran > Shaak > B1
    Hard Nodes: VD > HB > BTL > DDK > Wicket > Ewok Elder
    Cantina: Ahsoka > Fives > SSC
    Squad: Tarkin > Asaaj > Prestige
    GW: Geo ships > Ahsoka SF > Umbarran > Plo's ship
    Fleet: Rex's ship > SF Ship > Vader > Echo > Rex > GG > Plo's ship > Umbarran
    Guild: Logray > Echo > Rex

    Magnaguard from bronziums

    Will still need to put them in a spreadsheet but this should be most up until BB
  • @MauvaiseGraine you can join some of us here on this discord to discuss in real time...and then we can post the more solid plan updates here.
  • Alright, back again with my trusty spreadsheets.

    Node Farming Plan
    Overall not bad at all on hard node farms, though a lot of Cantina farms. This is good though as you can go hard on gear once you finish these hard node farms (and some will take a while due to 3x ships)

    Shipments Priority

    Squad Progression
    Note that in LV's team I put Piett, Gideon and RG who are not on the farming plan...but we can add them as low priority as they won't be needed for a long time. Though you could put Gideon on the empire team or Piett as well if you get them built.
  • Many thanks for the work done. For the malevolence I have 80 shards and negociator none. I’ll get to it quickly and get back to you.

    For my LV team I want to integrate Maul but it is for a long time. Thank you again.
  • Yeah you'll want Maul there ultimately, but right now we don't know where he will be farmable from in the future. But in a year from now (or 9 months) you will likely be getting him easier than now, so I wouldn't worry too much about it...he's a long way off.

    For the capital ship since you already have 80 Malev shards, I'd keep buying shards to get it to 5* as it will secure you top fleet rankings for the foreseeable future with your Geos. But that also means you will need to build up Endurance in order to get it to 7* for the GAS event, as your Negotiator will take longer due to Malev.
  • Sounds decent
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    tl;dr - Don't focus on LV right now, you're too far away. Build a good foundation first. Finish geos, get a good fleet up and running, get into a good guild.

    Just a bit of warning - you're probably close to two years away from LV right now. He is the single most intensive farm in the game. Just getting GAS will take you close to a year - you haven't unlocked GK yet, you haven't gotten a single zeta yet. I'd suggest just focus on your Geo team and their ships right now. Add to it hyena bomber and vulture droid, which are pilotless, and you've got the makings of your Malevolence fleet. You'll also need to get Tarkin and Executrix going so you can get get some zetas. Eventually the same geos can get your Padme team going, which will start your farm into GAS and a second fleet with Negotiator. But, I'd set some short term / medium term goals that can eventually get you to LV, but I wouldn't try to make a straight shot for him yet.
  • Thanks for advises. i keep my geos as 1rst team for the moment.

    1. Geos - You will get GBA at level 83, keep focusing on this team to bring them all to g12, with Poggle at g11+ a few pieces to reach 16.5k gp.


    And after Padmé


  • @Intimmydation For separatist this team is not better ?


    different farm ? Or i keep yours ?

  • As we discussed on discord, you will need those characters as well and can use them early (like Nute, Dooku & Jango)...but you will need what I listed (with Asajj) for the GAS event.

    Also for anyone joining this conversation and didn't get to see our initial discussion in another thread:

    This pathway to Lord Vader is 1.5 to 2 years minimum. It's likely 10 months to get GAS unlocked with a focus farm on the way, then some time to get that 501st fully up to relics while starting on the next farms.

    Bad Batch is on hold fully now until they become accelerated farms 9 months from now (i.e. after GAS is complete). Also, Maul will be needed for Lord Vader, but we do not know at this time how he will be available. In Feb we will find out what happens to Conquest ships / characters after the 12 month mark, and Maul will be put there around July 2022. This means we do not worry about him right now at all, and will figure out the plan a few months from now.
  • About 1 week after giving up my Empire team to start my road trip to LV, here is my progress:


  • @MauvaiseGraine

    So for GMY if you want to unlock him as you were mentioning on discord, you'll need 5 Jedi.

    You can use Ezra, Kanan, Ahsoka & JKA as you will have them part of this farming plan already. For a 5th, I would probably suggest Bastilla. You can add her to fleet node farms (in tier 2). If you have extra normal energy you could also farm here there too. But, unless you are urgently wanting GMY, no reason to farm both nodes.
  • Ok, thanks for advises. I have only 2 teams atm for guild raid geos and phoenix, my geos are level 81 and phoenix 77, but in raid guild phoenix seems to be useless.
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